As Rome to besieged Roman Britain in 410 A.D., so the White House to besieged Wisconsin Democrats in 2010 A.D.: You’re on your own.

Ed Morrissey writes at Hot Air:

The Washington Post says that the White House has a message for Wisconsin Democrats: You’re on your own. In a report on the desperate triage taking place inside the Oval Office, presidential advisers are attempting to find places where Barack Obama can’t hurt Democrats and where candidates have a reasonable chance for success. That means Russ Feingold and Wisconsin have seen their last of Obama in the midterm cycle …

That may not be a surprise for those of us who have watched the polling in Wisconsin—Feingold hasn’t been above 46% all year—but the White House acknowledgment of Feingold’s upcoming failure will almost certainly take Wisconsin Democrats by surprise. Obama toured Wisconsin at the end of September on behalf of Feingold, who had been rumored to be avoiding being seen with Obama and showed up at the rally to explicitly link himself to the President. To no one’s surprise, that did nothing to increase support for Feingold or the Democrats in general in Wisconsin.

The Post article paints a remarkable picture of a collapsing universe for Obama in the final days of the midterms. Not only did Obama and his team have to worry about damaging Democrats in states like Kentucky and West Virginia, they also had to protect themselves from the kind of damage sustained by Obama after supporting surprise losers like Martha Coakley and Jon Corzine in the final hours of their campaigns. In the end, Obama will only visit Chicago, Philadelphia, Cleveland, and Bridgeport (Connecticut), safely blue harbors in a red storm rising.

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