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John Dempsey writes:

As is customary practice on the day of the year that we partially designate for giving thanks and expressing our gratitude toward those people who make a substantial contribution toward a better life for ourselves, I must designate you as being a principal among those who have aided in making my life a significantly better and fuller one. Through your hard work every day I am able to cut through the fog and haze created by our current culture and press on toward the rightness of our traditional way of being. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

God bless you and keep you strong and motivated in continuing the good fight.

Happy Thanksgiving,

LA replies:

Thank you very much for that.

Mark Jaws writes:

I fully concur with John Dempsey. VFR is something about which I am very thankful. Lawrence Auster is one of the VERY FEW Americans capable of providing the spiritual and philosophical rudder necessary to steer thousands of us through the uncharted seas our society is now sailing.

Paul, the author of the “Things Black People Don’t Like” site, writes:

Your website is one of the few I visit daily, but easily the most relevant. Our culture might be a mess, the American people might seem hopeless, but voices of sanity in a dreary, creeping wilderness revive hope.

Never stop.

Buck O. writes:

Happy Thanksgiving. VFR has become a valuable sanctuary for me—from the insanity in our world. You give VFR its life and its spirit, and you set a delicious table. I thank you for that. You seem to have been born for this. I hope that you feel sufficiently rewarded. Like in any family (if I can think it such), feuds arise and crazy uncles show up, but, it seems, that you turn no one away, without, at least, something to chew on.


James H. writes:

I second John Dempsey’s statement of Thanksgiving.

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