Those delicate flowers at Powerline

The opening of Paul Mirengoff’s post today on John Edwards:

I have tried to avert my eyes from the John Edwards trial…

Isn’t that just too precious?

(By the way, it should be pointed out that there are subjects that Mirengoff and his associates at Powerline have managed successfully to avert their eyes from over the years, such as their hero G.W. Bush’s betrayal of his solemn 2002 pledge to have nothing to do with the Palestinians unless they renounced terror, such as black-on-white crime in Minneapolis. Indeed, when it comes to black racial violence against whites, the Powerline guys are just like the editor of the Virginian-Pilot: it doesn’t exist, and only a disgusting person, the sort of person from whom one must avert one eyes, would notice that it does exist.)

However, after Mirengoff gets over his case of the vapors about the Edwards trial, he makes a valid point:

[T]he key takeaway from Edwards’ national political career is this: he rose to prominence among the Democrats for no good reason — he was a one-term Senator of no real accomplishment — based on his pretty face and an ability to package left-wing red meat in an appealing, “two Americas” speech. That’s how easily the “reality-based community” was snookered into believing in a transparent phony — a guy central casting would send over to play a huckster — who also turned out to be a despicable person.

And, Mirengoff adds, the Democratic left will never be made accountable for its romance with this transparent phony and huckster.

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