The Global Garbage Culture in which the New Humanity Worships Itself


To celebrate her victory, the nine-tenths naked female athlete had to leap into the stands and engage in a conspicuous hug with (presumably) her coach. Gross, self-aggrandizing self-expression is now the norm. But what is the self that’s being expressed and aggrandized? It is nothing. It is a void.



Paul K. writes:

The gay website Washington Blade identified wrestler Elena Pirozhkova as a lesbian upon seeing the photo of her hoisting the First Lady, and then later acknowledged that that was an unfounded assumption. But isn’t that the impression given by the photo, and isn’t that what made it “okay”? I would consider it highly inappropriate if a man did this, but aren’t we all supposed to be good sports when gays make advances? Remember the president making his “Michelle didn’t go all the way down” joke to the LGBT Leadership Council fundraiser?

LA replies:

Nothing even implicitly critical about homosexuals may be said. You have to go along with their perversions. In 1992, when Clinton was traveling in a car with staff and reporters, a male reporter made a homosexual comment about a man walking on the street, and Clinton chuckled. Even if if hadn’t approved of the comment (being made in the presence of a presidential candidate), what else could he have done? Anything other than an indulgent chuckle would have signified disapproval of homosexual conduct and homosexual expressions.

Michael writes:

Michelle Obama never had such a strong …. person sweep her off her feet like that!

Michael writes:

As we see in Will Smith’s reaction when a homosexual reporter tries to kiss him at a movie premier, some people don’t like gay advances

LA replies:

No white male actor—no white male anybody in our society’s elite—would have done what Smith did: push the man away in disgust, lightly but decisively slap him, and verbally rebuke him, and in front of a huge crowd and cameras no less. Only a black man would have done that.

To return to a recent discussion, maybe that’s why God created the black race. :-)

And let’s remember the movie Independence Day, where the jet pilot played by Smith encounters the repulsive, octopus-like alien, reacts with instinctive disgust, and KO’s him with a punch. It was a scene that made audiences cheer in delight. But of course, Hollywood would not have allowed a white actor to punch the alien, that would be racist. In our culture, only blacks are permitted to exhibit healthy, non-liberal behaviors, such as viscerally rejecting a homosexual kiss or an alien invader. White audiences are given the occasional opportunity to cheer healthy, non-liberal behaviors, but only by cheering a black man.

And of course the legions of conservative useful idiots cheer these movies as “conservative,” not realizing that the conservative elements in those movies come embedded in a thoroughly liberal package.

Jeff C. writes:

I was hoping you would not criticize Misty May and Kerri Walsh, the beach-volleyball pair who provided good entertainment this week and who seem to be good and disciplined people. Kerri’s the gal who was hugging a man in the stands; the NBC announcer identified him as her husband. Misty is the gal with the “tramp stamp,” as your reader so gallantly put it.

My wife and I rooted for them, and for little what it’s worth, I wish they weren’t featured in this way.

LA replies:

I did not see the volleyball event and was only responding to the photo. It’s irrelevant if the man is her husband. It’s irrelevant if in private she is a good and disciplined person. Her grossly self-glorifying, self-displaying behavior—so that the event becomes not about the event but about her emotions spilling out so uncontrollaby that she has to leap into the stands, so that it’s all about her, about her, about her—is disgusting, utterly unsportsmanlike.

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