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Obamacare in one step turns us into an unfree country ruled by an unrestrained leftist government, a government that can deprive us of our property and our liberty—that can do essentially anything it likes to us—in the name of the equal satisfaction of all human needs and desires. And I mean all desires. Should you be forced, on pain of fine and imprisonment, to purchase health insurance, in order to enable the insurance company to pay for a child molester’s purchase of a prescription drug that gives him an erection? Obamacare says yes. Sen. Max “Bacchus” confirmed as much today in the U.S. Senate in rejecting Sen. Coburn’s amendment.

To save America, Obamacare must be killed. That could and should happen through a Supreme Court decision overturning key parts of the act as unconstitutional, and thus rendering the rest of the act unworkable. But if the unimaginable occurs and the Court approves this lawless law, if the Court in effect declares that the U.S. Constitution, far from enumerating and limiting Congress’ powers, gives Congress unenumerated and unlimited powers, then the only remaining recourse, short of revolution, is repeal.

To help advance that goal, you can sign the Repeal ObamaCare Petition. It goes as follows:

I hereby pledge to support with my time, money, and vote only those candidates who vow to repeal President Obama’s health care takeover.

That is an excellent statement and also a litmus test that I think all genuine conservatives, regardless of their differences on other issues, would agree with. Obamacare cannot be overturned unless Republican congressional candidates are committed to repealing it. And the only way to make sure they have such a commitment is to say that we will not support them, unless they make a public vow to repeal. All other issues, as important as they are, are dwarfed next to this. If Obamacare stands, we will have become a helpless, demoralized people, weltering like the Europeans under an all-encompassing, unaccountable state, and we won’t be able to solve our other problems, simply because we will no longer possess the political freedom and force to do so.

Here is the full statement at the Repeal website:

Repeal ObamaCare Petition

After months of backroom deals, political payoffs, and strong-arm tactics, President Obama and the Democrats forced an unpopular health care takeover through the United States Congress. Americans lost this battle with their elected leaders in Washington but the war is not over! If we’re willing to the fight to save freedom, we can settle the score in November by electing true conservatives who will repeal this unconstitutional and dangerous bill. The simple truth is the bill cannot be fixed. It must be repealed.

The Senate Conservatives Fund, chaired by U.S. Senator Jim DeMint, has launched this national “Repeal ObamaCare Pledge” to rally support for conservative candidates who vow to repeal President Obama’s health care takeover. America is teetering toward tyranny and we must work together to reverse the radical agenda in Washington.

Electing just any Republican is not the answer. We’ve seen what happens when we send Republicans to Washington who don’t truly believe in the principles of freedom. They abandon their principles, lose the trust of the American people, and leave us with Democrats controlling Congress and the White House.

Instead, we must support true conservatives who love the Constitution and who will fight for limited government, a strong national defense, and traditional family values. And we must only help those candidates who vow to repeal ObamaCare.

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