How I’m doing

Morgan writes (December 6):

Hi Lawrence,

I’m a frequent reader; I never comment because I’m not sophisticated enough to have anything noteworthy to contribute to your comments.

I just wanted to let you know that, it seems that you’re doing better from your illness, and I hope you keep on improving. Until 120! :) And thank you for your the awesome public service of your blog.

LA replies:

Dear Morgan,

Thank you very much for your good thoughts. It means a lot.

The disease is stable for the time being, the growths are not getting smaller or bigger, which has been the situation since new growths appeared and the new treatment began last June. I had my once-every-six-weeks CT scan this week and the situation continues stable. How long that will last is unknown. It’s a matter of one CT scan to the next.

I don’t have definite symptoms from the cancer because the tumors are small. But the side effects of the treatment have become debilitating and I’m very weak much of the time and I have other problems too. The amount of blogging I do is done at the outer limit of my energy envelope.

Medical science says there is no recovery from the form of illness I have. The purpose of treatment is to slow or contain the disease for as long as possible. But I’m aiming at 120, or at least 100!

Best regards,
Lawrence Auster

- end of initial entry -

Kathlene M. writes:

So happy to hear that your health is stable. I pray that your strength returns too, and that you make a miraculous recovery. I am thankful for all the good writings you make available to us. (Thank you also for editing our comments and making us all look good.) I’m so glad I discovered your site a few years ago via

God bless you, and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you,

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