GoV’s extremely radical but completely unspecified proposal to solve the Islam problem

Following the news story at Gates of Vienna about the Dutchman who subdued Abdul Mutallab (and I recommend that people spell his name this way, instead of “Abdulmutallab” which is too long), the host of GoV, “Baron Bodissey,” adds this:

In other words: the airport security procedures we all know and love are useless. Taking off our shoes and our belts, stripping down to our skivvies, emptying our pockets of all metal objects, putting our toothpaste into little clear plastic bags—all this is to no avail. The mujahideen are quite familiar with these obstacles, and design their attacks to overcome them.

I predict that we’ll eventually have to strip to the buff and have lights shined up our nether apertures every time we want to take a plane. But even that won’t be good enough; the Muslim terrorists will simply employ the skills of some of the thousands of immigrant surgeons in the EU, and have the necessary materials sewn into their chest cavities or crania.

No amount of screening will make us safe. Any security procedures we devise can always be circumvented by ruthless and dedicated Muslim zealots.

The only way we will ever be safe to tackle the deadly ideology head on, wiping it out root and branch.

[end of GoV entry.]

What does that mean? How do you wipe out an ideology, a worldwide religion, root and branch? I don’t see how that can be done other than by killing all Muslims on earth. Is that what Bodissey is proposing? He frequently posts commenters who advocate exactly that. If that’s what he means, he ought to say so, because, without further elaboration, the statement, “wipe out the ideology root and branch,” is meaningless, chest-beating rhetoric of the kind we constantly hear from anti-jihad conservatives.

I look forward to learning what Bodissey thinks we can and should actually do that will root out the Islamic ideology root and branch.

* * *

Dan S., who sent the item, writes:

I would say that the only meaningful way to deal with the Islamic ideology is to keep it out of the West entirely, or we non-Muslims must accept our lives being made even more difficult because the liberals don’t want to have to “discriminate” against Muslims.

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