Shocker! A New York Times writer refers to his testosterone

But don’t worry: he speaks of his “testosterone level plunging.” So it’s ok. If he had said that his testosterone level was rising, you can be sure the sentence would not have found its way into the Times.
Apps to Give the Novice Mixologist a Fighting Chance
Published: December 29, 2010
My friends Cade and Sarah recently sandbagged me with a pink, frilly looking cocktail that sent my testosterone level plunging the minute I laid eyes on it.

Twenty minutes later, when, as far as I could tell, people were speaking in tongues, I gave this previously nameless drink a name: the Wiccan Debutante. It sounded clever at the time. Then again, I had been drinking.

I would like to return the favor, but vengeance is slightly complicated because I’m a lame mixologist. I do, however, have a second brain. It’s called a smartphone, and when it is loaded with a great bartending app, I stand a fighting chance.

That’s especially true with an app as great as Top Shelf ($1), the best of the many bartending ones I tried. My short list included iTinis Lite (free on iPhone), Pocket Cocktails ($1 on iPhone and Android) and 8,500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes Free (iPhone and Android, where it is listed as 8,500+ Drink Recipes).

Nothing I could find on BlackBerry came close to Top Shelf. [cont]

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