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A reader heard Carl Paladino tell Sean Hannity on the radio today that he has no problem going into homosexual bars. What a thing for a gubernatorial candidate—let alone a conservative gubernatorial candidate who has strongly criticized the normalization of homosexuality—to say. Imagine any respected U.S. leader or New York governor of the past, imagine Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy, or Ronald Reagan, imagine Theodore Roosevelt, Al Smith, Franklin Roosevelt, Herbert Lehman, Averell Harriman, Nelson Rockefeller, Hugh Carey, or Mario Cuomo declaring that he had no problem going into homosexual bars!

When he first appeared on the scene, Paladino seemed like a tough-guy Italian-American maverick ready to do battle with liberalism. In reality he’s a babe in the liberal woods, helplessly eager to show himself a “good guy” by liberal and homosexual standards. This latest embarrassing statement of his is further support for my position that you cannot effectively challenge the ruling liberalism unless (a) you understand liberalism, and (b) you stand outside liberalism, on non-liberal ground that is independent of liberalism.

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Roger G. writes:

Good grief! Heterosexuals should be terrified of going into such places, for fear of having to blind themselves.

Of course I’d prefer that we treat homosexuals with decency and not force them to live in fear of discovery, and in return they understand that they have to keep their homosexuality out of society and that there are parts of life (like marriage and the military) in which they cannot participate.

But maybe persecution is the only way we can get them to shut up.

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