Why blacks are angry

In the long and multi-sided discussion, “A new way of putting the problem of black-white relations,” Robert B. has a fascinating and, to me, original explanation of the genesis of black anger. It is that, prior to the Civil Rights movement and the advent of modern liberalism, many blacks and whites had a relationship in which the whites personally took care of their black employees and their families in a context of mutual benevolence. Modern liberalism ended that patriarchal relationship, leaving blacks on their own, and with the whites telling the blacks that they, the blacks, are equal in ability to whites and should be performing as well as whites. Robert continues:

These false hopes and expectations led to anger as the black man came to see the reality of his own abilities. Cast adrift on the wide sea of Western capitalism and its meritocracy, he floundered and his world fell apart. The anger? It’s the anger of a child toward an uncaring parent who expects the child to do things it cannot do.

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