Prosecutors confirm cannibalism

Ok, for the first time, via Agence France Press, here is official confirmation, from the prosecutors, that Li cannibalized the victim. Earlier, it was just an unofficial police tape that the police refused to comment on. This story also has the first official version I’ve seen of the report, which earlier I had seen only on blogs without sources, that the killer had cut off parts of the victim’s body and was carrying them on his person. Below I quote just the new information, leaving out the rest, which has been printed a thousand times.

Chinese immigrant in bus beheading dined on victim: prosecutors

OTTAWA (AFP)—A Chinese immigrant who stabbed, gutted and beheaded a fellow passenger on a bus traveling across Canada last week also cannibalized the victim and pocketed his nose, lips and ear, a court heard Tuesday….

Prosecutors said police observed him eating pieces of his victim when they surrounded the bus on a desolate highway about 90 kilometers (55 miles) west of Winnipeg immediately following the July 30 attack.

Li had decapitated the victim, sliced off an ear and bits of flesh and was taunting police and bystanders with the head, refusing to leave the bus and screaming “I have to stay on the bus forever,” the Crown said….

After a three-hour standoff, Li tossed a knife and scissors out of a broken window of the bus, jumped out and was subdued by police, the court heard.

In his pants pocket, police found several body parts hacked from the victim’s face, said Dalmyn.

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