Revealed! Obama’s notes to himself during the debate

It’s now the third day after the debate, and the political world is still buzzing about it, including VFR.

Jonathan S. writes:

From the “Too-Late Show”: Top-Ten List of Obama’s Notes to Himself, made at the podium during the first presidential debate

10. “What’s with these podiums and that white boy standing at one of them? I thought Axelrod said I’d be chillin’ tonight with Beyonce, at Jay-Z’s crib.”

9. “All for nothing was that blood, sweat, and tears I shed prepping for this debate-first, on The View, in combat with Whoopi & Barbara; and then, on The Late Show, in my slugfest with Letterman.”

8. “Maybe now’s the right moment for me to lower those ocean levels.”

7. “Have look-see in the textbook from my Con Law 101 at Harvard: Can a president’s application to Congress for tenure be fast-tracked?”

6. “First thing tomorrow morning: Grant myself waiver from participating in any more presidential debates.”

5. “Give Whoopi another call; tell her I may be available after all to take that gig on The View.”

4. “Check with Pelosi and Reid: Can they push through an emergency stimulus package for my mojo?”

3. “Question for Stella: ‘Refresh my memory: How again did you finally get your groove back?’.”

2. “I’d bet the only reason they made me participate in this debate is because I’m black.”

1. “Question for Axelrod: Do ex-presidents qualify for a free ObamaPhone?”

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