McCartney’s liberal self-immolation continues

One of the most popular figures in the world seems bent on destroying his popularity in short order. A few weeks ago, Paul McCartney shockingly and cheaply insulted the previous president of the United States while performing at the White House for the current president. And now McCartney goes further, calling people who disbelieve the highly questionable and fraud-ridden theory of man-made global warming the equivalent of Holocaust deniers. From Newsbusters:

Seems the only thing gushing more than the BP oil spill these days is the disaster brewing in Paul McCartney’s mouth. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, McCartney takes a major swipe at global warming realists, er, deniers, by stating (emphasis mine):

“Sadly we need disasters like this to show people. Some people don’t believe in climate warming—like those who don’t believe there was a Holocaust.

At age 68, after a lifetime of wisely remaining above the fray of political and personal controversy, the once charming McCartney has suddenly come out as as a nasty, kneejerk leftist—so thoughtless and so immersed in liberal biases that he doesn’t realize that he’s just called at least half the people in the Western world the equivalent of Holocaust deniers.

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Bill R. writes from Virginia:

You write: “At age 68, after a lifetime of wisely remaining above the fray of political and personal controversy, the once charming McCartney has suddenly come out as as a nasty, kneejerk leftist … “

Actually, this is not the first time he has made a fool of himself:

Quote: “Give Ireland Back to the Irish” is a Paul and Linda McCartney song written in response to the events of Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland on 30 January 1972. The song was released on 25 February 1972 as the debut single by McCartney’s new band Wings, and it was the first recorded song by Wings that included Northern Irish guitarist Henry McCullough. End

The lyrics are dumb beyond belief:

Give Ireland back to the Irish
don’t make them have to take it away
give Ireland back to the Irish
make Ireland Irish today.

Great Britain you are tremendous
and nobody knows like me
but really what are we doing
in the land across the sea.
Tell me how would you like it
if on your way to work
you were stopped by Irish soldiers
would you lie down do nothing
would you give in
go berserk.

Give Ireland back …

Great Britain and all the people
said that people must be free
and meanwhile back in Ireland
there’s a man who looks like me
and he dreams of God and country
and he’s feeling really bad
and he’s sitting in a prison
should he lie down do nothing
should he behave like a man.

Give Ireland back …

LA replies:

I’d say these lyrics are dumb and silly rather than nasty.

June 27

Ron K. writes:

One could argue that Paul, not John, was the pioneer in heading down the primrose path:

sex scandal: bastard daughter in Germany
drug issue: marijuana promotion
nudity onscreen: Help!
nudity in print: poster insert from White Album
borderline sacrilege: “Lady Madonna”
incitement to lawbreaking: “Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?”
banned by BBC for politics: “Give Ireland Back To The Irish”
banned by BBC for smut: “Hi Hi Hi”

John looks almost innocent by comparison!

This reminds me of two consecutive columns by John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute. One tore John Lennon to pieces, the other praised Martin Luther King to the skies. I wanted to fire back that we know how Lennon spent his last 24 hours— baking bread for his family. How did King spend his?

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