Limbaugh and the left

I have no personal interest in whether Rush Limbaugh is part owner of a professional football team. But the gang-up on him that forced his partners to drop him from the proposed purchase is outrageous. Yes, Limbaugh is controversial. But what is the most controversial thing he has said? That he hoped Obama and his leftist program would fail. Our society elevates all kinds of people who have said infinitely worse things about Republican presidents.

Further, the notion that Limbaugh is a racist is a total lie. To my regret, he doesn’t even touch on racial issues. He’s a Ronald Reagan-type conservative. Someone like myself who has strong views on race and racial differences would expect to be called racist and would have to defend himself. But in Limbaugh’s case there’s zero truth to the idea. If a person who takes no positions on race can be widely attacked as a racist, imagine what the society would do to people who actually do have legitimate conservative positions on race that they want to advance.

The campaign against Limbaugh is a mark of the leftist quasi tyranny that is steadily gaining power over our society. It must be condemned and opposed.

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Karl H. writes:

Although I haven’t followed the latest Limbaugh flap closely, I’m sure all the hullabaloo is about his 2003 comments during his brief NFL commentator career that the Philadelphia Eagles’ Donovan McNabb was overrated because “The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback can do well-black coaches and black quarterbacks doing well.”

See for instance this story from 2003, which is actually fairly supportive of Limbaugh, saying “Limbaugh is right.”

No doubt Limbaugh is being excoriated for having brought up even once the disparities in the media’s treatment of blacks, which ipso facto means he is an incorrigible racist, unworthy to have anything to do with the NFL.

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