More Republican fantasizing

Jim C. writes:

Dem pollsters see Barry as a loser.

LA replies:

Come on. Patrick Caddell is … Patrick Caddell. Patrick Caddell is not “Democratic pollsters.” And one year ago Caddell and his associate Douglas Schoen made exactly the same call on Obama to step aside in favor of Hillary. So why is this news, except in the overheated world of the Republican Web?

Calling Caddell and Schoen “Democratic pollsters” is like Lucianne Goldberg calling Nile Gardiner and Toby Harnden “the Brits.” Harnden and Gardiner are both U.S.-based columnists for The Telegraph. Their main job is slamming Obama. And every time Harnden or Gardiner slam Obama, Lucianne posts the column in her Must Reads with the editorial comment, “Even the Brits see what a disaster Obama is,” as though British public opinion had turned against Obama, when in reality the same two columnists who always slam Obama are slamming him once again.

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November 22

Jim C. writes:

Whom would the Republicans rather face in ‘12—Barry or Hillary? Obviously Barry, so why do you characterize a possible Hillary candidacy as a Republican fantasy?

LA replies:

It’s a Republican fantasy because Republicans get their jollies from the idea that Obama is such a disaster that even the Democrats are rejecting him. This has nothing to do with any practical calculus of Hillary versus Obama. It has to do with Republicans constantly scratching their Obama itch and saying, “He’s going down, he’s going down, he’s going down … ”

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