15 year old hitman murders mother at her front door

David Brooks—that sage of the responsible center who thought Obama would be a great leader, because of the sharp crease in his pants—tells us in today’s New York Times that “Britain is working,” because there has been some progress in decentralizing government services. Meanwhile the Island continues to sink into anarchy—an anarchy largely brought about by the mass importation of blacks and Muslims and other people who have no business being in that country. In the below story from the BBC, as is the normal media practice, only the wordless photos tell us the race of the perpetrators. Also, as the reader who sent the article points out (see the end of the article), murder seems to be a family profession.

The article has other gaps. It suggests that the victim’s estranged husband—the couple were Turks—paid for her murder to prevent her from marrying again and seeking custody of their child, but it doesn’t actually say that. It doesn’t even mention whether the husband has been arrested, or how he contacted and paid the middleman who paid the actual killer.

How schoolboy hitman Santre Gayle murdered for £200

Two people have been jailed for life for the murder of a young woman who was shot dead at point blank range and died in her mother’s arms.

Detectives were shocked to learn her killer was a 15-year-old schoolboy, who was paid only £200.

The 15 year old hired killer

Got £2,000 for contract murder;
paid killer £200.

When the young mother was shot dead on the eve of her son’s ninth birthday detectives were initially baffled.

Gulistan Subasi, 26, lived in Turkey but had returned to London to see her son, who was living with relatives of her estranged husband.

Fortunately a CCTV camera had caught the killing on camera.

The footage shows Santre Sanchez Gayle ringing the doorbell and waiting calmly and patiently for Ms Subasi to open the door before blasting her from point blank range with a sawn-off shotgun.

Off camera she collapsed and died in the arms of her mother, Dondu.

Killed on the orders of her Turkish immigrant husband

Hooded and hiding his face from the camera, the assassin gave the impression of being an experienced professional hitman.

Which is why Det Ch Insp Jackie Sebire and her team were so shocked when they discovered he was a schoolboy.

She said: “When we saw the CCTV we all thought it was a professional hitman. There was no hesitation and he shows no nerves. It did not look like a 15-year-old boy.” [LA replies: But of course such a pathological behavior pattern, showing a complete lack of conscience, is the norm in the black criminal population. How could British police, who are dealing with black youth violence all the time, not know that?]

A minicab driver who unwittingly took the killer to and from the crime scene in Clapton, east London, later testified that Gayle—streetname “Riot”—appeared totally normal when he got back into the taxi.

Initally police were baffled by the murder. Det Insp Chalmers said: “We absolutely did not have a clue. We were at a dead end.”

However, the teenager killer bragged about the killing to friends in Willesden, north-west London, and it was this loose talk which unlocked the case.

Izak Billy, 21, a member of the Kensal Green Boys (KGB) gang in north-west London, had been threatening to kill a teenager called Ryan Hatunga.

Mr Hatunga told police that Billy—a drug dealer with the street name Iceman—had threatened to shoot him because he knew about the murder of “a Turkish woman”.

Mr Hatunga made a statement that the killer had confessed to carrying out the shooting and that he had been taken there by taxi, and that a security grille covered the door of the victim’s flat.

Gulistan Subasi Gulistan Subasi died almost instantly after answering the door of her mother’s flat

Det Insp Chalmers said: “When I heard about the grille I knew only the killer could have known about that. We had never revealed that.”

In a second statement Mr Hatunga said the killer had told him his payment for the murder had been just £200.

But Det Insp Chalmers said: “I think he thought he was going to get more money for it.

“My gut feeling is that the money was an element, but there must have been a lot of peer pressure, kudos, [and] an attempt to impress older members of the gang.”

He said of the killer: “He is not a very bright lad. He did not have good schooling or much parental control.

“He was easily manipulated. In many ways he himself is a victim.”

Ms Subasi was estranged from Serdar Ozbek—the father of her son. She was due to get married in Turkey that summer, and had mentioned regaining custody of her son.

This was said in court to have been the motive for her killing.

Det Ch Insp Sebire said it took a lot of detective work to fit the pieces together.

Police examined hundreds of mobile phone records, eventually focussing on a flurry of calls in the days running up to the murder.

“That call is the contract being put out on Gulistan and within hours Billy has spoken to [the killer] and he is on his way over to do a recce,” says Det Insp Chalmers.

Izaak Billy Izaak Billy, known as Iceman, cajoled Gayle into carrying out the murder

Billy, understood to have received £2,000 for his part in the contract killing, arranged for the killer to be shown the flat and may have obtained the murder weapon.

At 2020 GMT on 22 March 2010 there was a knock on the door of the home in Clapton.

In a witness statement Ms Subasi’s mother later said: “I said, ‘No, daughter, we don’t know who is at the door, I will answer the door’.

“But she didn’t listen to me.”

Det Insp Chalmers said he believed Ms Subasi might have opened the door because she hoped it might be someone bringing her son to see her on the eve of his birthday.

She had bought him a present and was desperate to see him.

After working out the conspiracy the police eventually rounded up their suspects.

Killers in the family

Ozbek was cleared of murder, as were Paul Nicalaou, 29, of Tottenham and Leigh Bryan, 25, of Hornsey.

Gayle was jailed for life and must serve a minimum of 20 years.

Billy, 22, of Willesden, was given life and must serve 22 years.

It can now be revealed that Gayle was related to two other young men who are in jail serving life sentences for unconnected murders.

His half-brother was Lloywen Carty, who in December 2006 was locked up for a minimum of 30 years for the murder of 27-year-old Lee Subaran at the Notting Hill Carnival.

A month earlier Carty’s half-brother Donnel Carty, was given a life sentence for murdering City lawyer Tom ap Rhys Pryce, during a botched mugging in Kensal Green.

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Paul K. writes:

In the article, a police official identified as Det Insp Chalmers said of the killer, “He is not a very bright lad. He did not have good schooling or much parental control. “He was easily manipulated. In many ways he himself is a victim.”

While the police official hedges his words by saying that the perpetrator was “in many ways” a victim, I believe that to the true liberal the non-white criminal is always the real victim of crime, his suffering greatly outweighing that of the so-called victim. The victim suffers the crime, of course, and that’s regrettable, but he or she may have led a good life and in fact be “privileged.” Meanwhile, the perpetrator suffered the want, poor education, racial prejudice, lack of good upbringing, and inadequate social services that led him to commit the crime in the first place. Then, after he is convicted, he must suffer incarceration in prisons which fail to provide a true rehabilitative environment and, if he has offspring, deny him the opportunity to play an important role in their lives. Then he must re-enter a society where he faces the same racial prejudice, inadequate social services, and lack of employment opportunities, now stigmatized for life. Surely, compared to that, the victim’s suffering is brief!

You know, if read in the proper tone of moral reproach, the above sentences would be regarded as valid commentary on National Public Radio.

LA replies:

What Chalmers said reflects the actual ideology of the British police and the British court system. They are left-wing institutions organized around the idea that criminals are victims of a racist and unequal society. That is why they are so slow in providing protection to people threatened by criminals, and why they barely punish criminals who have committed devastating physical assaults.

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