Is it too late to defeat liberalism and save America?

Mark J. writes:

Enjoying your site daily as always.

You wrote: “We can describe it with one word, liberalism. The thing that must be DESTROYED if we are to survive.” I think actually that the truth has become that liberalism is the thing that we must be SEPARATED FROM if we are to survive. I don’t think that, in practical terms, we can destroy liberalism any more than we can destroy Islam. Both are deeply held, emotionally-based belief systems that I don’t think are particularly susceptible to being destroyed without killing the people who believe in them.

I had an epiphany yesterday that crystallized in my mind as a result of the huge illegal alien marches around the country and the amazing amnesty bill passed out of the Senate committee. I read somewhere that the reason the bill is being passed is that the Republicans are afraid of incurring the wrath of the Latino voters. I realized that the time when we could hope for legislation that actually removed these illegals from our country has passed; our politicians, of both major parties, are now afraid of them and will not enact anything that would actually result in their removal. Either no law will be passed, or an amnesty will be passed, or at best toothless enforcement will be passed. But these 11 million illegals will not be leaving.

And as the Hispanics have gained power in California towns, they have in at least one instance instructed the local police not to enforce any anti-illegal laws. They are effectively consolidating their power town by town in California. Sooner or later they will gain enough political power in the state to, de facto, abolish the state border with Mexico. This will lead to even larger influxes of Hispanics, spreading throughout the country.

It is as though we are a people barricaded in a fort under attack, and it has just become apparent that a breach in the wall that we were hoping to close after forcing the invaders that spilled inside back out, cannot be closed. The invaders are spilling in now in increasing numbers and the time when we could have closed that breach has passed. Worse, half of our people are actually aiding and abetting the invaders because of their virtually religious liberal delusions.

In that scenario, I don’t think it’s realistic to think we can change the minds of the liberal portion of our population in time to save the entire fort. The sensible strategy is to pull back, separate yourself from the liberals, and geographically relocate yourself to a defensible portion of the fort—this time doing your best to make sure that as few liberals as possible get behind your barricades. If we insist on trying to hold the entire fort by changing the minds of the liberals, we will lose the whole thing—we are too dispersed and we no longer have the numbers to hold all of it.

Thanks, Mark J.

Clark Coleman writes:

Could you ask Mark J. what he has personally been doing about the immigration issue? I have sent more faxes and emails to my Senators and my Representative than I can count. I have donated to to support their faxing and computer systems, which are putting some real heat on the elite in D.C.

Do the Republicans fear the Latino vote? They can learn to fear everyone else’s vote.

I have yet to meet a defeatist who got off his rear end and fought. They make me sick to my stomach. They are cowards, and should be called the same in public. Feel free to forward my email to Mark J., whoever he is.

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