It’s mainly a lot of rain—but the reporters keep trying to build it up into something more than that

A note of desperation has crept into the TV news programs; Irene is just not delivering. The reporters have to content themselves with such earth shaking information as that this is the rainiest August on record.

An exchange which took place on local New York TV this morning gives an idea of the gap between what the storm is, and what the media want it to be.

A female reporter was interviewing a man who was walking around outside at the Battery at the southern end of Manhattan, considered one of the areas of the city most vulnerable to the hurricane.

The man said: “I’m grateful the storm is not that bad.”

The female reporter replied: “So far!”

So, she didn’t like his reply, which didn’t fit her requirements, and she corrected him. Does that remind you of another recent interview, in London?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 28, 2011 08:43 AM | Send

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