A good argument against the mosque, provided by the Muslims themselves


The above poster states a good argument that, to my pleasure, I see various conservatives making. The head of the Cordoba Initiative which is building the mosque claims the mosque is for peaceful, friendly purposes of bridging differences between Muslims and non-Muslims. But his putting the mosque right next to the destroyed World Trade Center, an act that is profoundly upsetting to many Americans and particularly New Yorkers, proves that the truth is the opposite of what he says. It proves that the Cordoba Initiative is building the mosque for the time honored Islamic reason of symbolizing Islamic conquest and victory over non-Muslims.

In other words, even though most conservatives are still far from realizing that Islam itself is the problem; even though most conservatives still delusionally believe that there is a good Islam as well as a bad Islam; and even though most conservatives are willing to tolerate the building of mosques and the peaceful spreading of the supposed good Islam in this country, the Muslims, by putting the mosque where they’re putting it, demonstrate beyond a doubt that this mosque represents the bad Islam.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 15, 2010 01:30 AM | Send

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