Mrs. Clarence Thomas leaves message on Anita Hill’s phone, seeking an apology

And guess what Anita Hill did? She turned the message over to the FBI.

In 1991 Anita Hill did one of the most evil things ever done by one individual to another in American history. And Virginia Thomas thought that leaving a message on Hill’s phone would change her heart and lead her to repent?

L-dotters express their dismay at Virginia Thomas’s naive act of outreach.

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Roger G. writes:

Asking Hill to confess that she’s a vicious vile lying——. I don’t see the problem.

October 21

James W. writes:

I know nothing about Virginia Thomas, but if she is something like most women, there was a message behind the message left in Anita Hill’s mailbox, and it was indeed received.

LA replies:

And what was that message?

James W. replies:

That what Anita Hill had done was despicable and weak, that it was not forgotten, that for such a person contrition was impossible, that they both knew it, and that Virginia Thomas was taking the personal space that Anita Hill had invaded in the lives of herself and her husband and throwing it right back at her. When Hill called the FBI she confirmed a bulls-eye for Virginia Thomas.

October 21

Roger G. writes:

Wow. As to Mrs. Thomas, James is absolutely right, and I was wrong. Indeed there was a message behind the message.

But I believe he was wrong about this message having been received. I read that Hill contacted the authorities only because she thought the voicemail was a prank. Hill is too dense to have gotten the point (well for that matter, I guess I am too). But she does have the veneer of professionalism and poise overlaying a stony, uncomprehending, and underlyingly fearful stupidity that is so common to black women who have risen far beyond their abilities (the underlying fear being that of discovery).

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