A weekend of black mayhem across America

By coincidence, Paul Kersey of Stuff Black People Don’t Like, the chronicler of Black-Run America, was in Black-Run Myrtle Beach during the holiday weekend (the events there are covered in the previous entry). He writes in an e-mail:

I was there over the weekend for a “party” of sorts with friends. We picked the wrong week to be in Myrtle Beach.

It was a militarized zone for the most part, with a massive police presence necessary to keep peace and order. Basically all the black bikers did was ride up and down the strip aimlessly.

Suffice it to say, the golf courses and the beach were two of the only places in Myrtle Beach spared from the black biker presence.

A lot of the restaurants closed early, because the black bikers either walked out on their checks, didn’t tip, or were unruly and caused trouble.

The prior week was white biker week and I can’t find too many reports of similar outbursts.

It’s going to be a long, hot summer. Read this article from the Washington Post bemoaning the lack of taxpayer programs for “urban” (a liberal codeword for black kids) to partake in and keep them out of trouble.

It’s going to be a long summer and, worse, the media won’t be able to keep things censored when it comes to the race of all the crime, riots and other assorted flash mob events that transpire.

This past weekend, every story—from Boston, a rib fight at Charlotte Beach in New York, the downtown Charlotte brawl, the Miami Urban Beach shootings, the Myrtle Beach Black Bike week violence, and the Wave Country black mob—were all about black people rampaging through the former United States.

We truly live in Black-Run America.

Here is some of Mr. Kersey’s article:

By a strange twist of fate, the city I was in happened to be hosting a … . Perhaps “forced” to host the event is a more apt term, and those “unwanted” but “coerced” guests happened to do … [see VFR’s previous entry with the full report from WMBF].

I was told by a waitress at one of the popular restaurants in Myrtle Beach that they were forced to close early on Saturday night, due to fighting in the bathroom and 30-40 percent of the black patrons walking out on their checks. Of those remaining black patrons, tips were both niggardly and few and far between, she told me.

After laughing for a few moments with the colleagues at my table, I gave the waitress a large pre-meal gratuity and apologized for the behavior of the black bikers, but of what else could be expected considering the violence that unfolds on a daily basis in this one nation, dedicated to the principles of Black-Run America (BRA), which forbid any rational discussion of the Black Undertow?

Apparently both Charlotte and Miami were cities that resembled war-zones over the weekend, courtesy of obviously misunderstood black people. And in Nashville, black people jumped the fences at a Wave Country forcing the closure of the popular water park, proving that Cartman was indeed correct in his song about water parks from South Park.

Charlotte’s city leaders have an idea on how to address the crime situation that plagues the city, though they refuse to acknowledge the racial aspect of it. Watch video here.

I have warned readers that this summer will be the year BRA implodes. The people I was in Myrtle Beach with know the deck is stacked against them, but worse, realize they are powerless to do anything about it. Like most Americans, they live their lives striving to make more money and improving themselves so they can insulate their future families from the encroaching Black Undertow.

The Washington Post published a story that I believe bespeaks—albeit without directly mentioning it—the Disingenuous White Liberal (DWL) position on what is to come in the summer of 2011:

A rising number of children can look forward to excruciatingly boring school breaks this year as budget crises in places such as New York, Washington, D.C., Houston and Detroit rob them of the activities and programs that have long defined summer in the city for urban youngsters.

Swimming pools are being closed. Recreation centers are locking their doors. Library summer reading programs are suffering. Openings for short-term jobs have evaporated.

[ … ]

Because of austerity measures, the DWLs at The Washington Post cry over the lack of taxpayer supported activities for urban (read black kids with a sprinkle of Hispanic thrown in for added pleasure) kids to partake in. No swimming or summer reading programs for black kids in Detroit? If these were offered before in that city, I’d love to know how many kids participated in them and if they had gold swim lane dividers? They do spend …

It’s moments like this you think its time to abandon America and move away; laugh as the nation descends into the chaos it so richly deserves. But then I remember it is the concept of Black-Run America that is the problem, not America. A lot of people are vested in BRA and they stand to lose greatly when the whole game is exposed for the fraud that it is.

Where I’m from, my parents paid to send me off to summer camps. No taxpayer funded summer camps, recreational activities or “reading is cool” campaigns were needed to keep me occupied and away from a lurid life of crime and subsequent juvenile detention facilities. Apparently this is all DWLs think of urban (read black and increasingly brown) children, that without constant, taxpayer supported alternatives to occupy their attention, a life of crime is just around the corner.

Judging by the behavior of adults in Myrtle Beach, they might be right.

Regardless, the summer of 2011 is going to be something special. The reality of BRA is going to be impossible to keep censored much longer. I still think it will be Atlanta where the crackup starts.

- end of initial entry -

LA writes:

Paul Kersey wrote:

No taxpayer funded summer camps, recreational activities or “reading is cool” campaigns were needed to keep me occupied and away from a lurid life of crime and subsequent juvenile detention facilities.

Yes. The basic idea is that black and brown youth must be constantly distracted with organized activities paid for by the government or they will commit violent crime. But if only such constant attention and programs can keep them relatively nonviolent and in order, doesn’t that mean that these populations are naturally violent and disorderly and cannot provide order themselves? And how can such people be citizens of a civilized country? Is it possible, by government programs, permanently to keep an entire population from committing the violence it is inclined to commit? No. The programs are only a stop-gap.

The same applies to Muslim “democracy” and “nation-building.” If Muslims must essentially have constant input from the United States in the form of unending military occupation and multibillion dollar aid programs in order not to turn jihadist and terrorist, doesn’t that indicate that Muslims are naturally inclined to jihadism and terrorism, and therefore that such programs are only a stop-gap?

James P. writes:

Paul Kersey wrote,

Read this article from the Washington Post bemoaning the lack of taxpayer programs for “urban” (a liberal codeword for black kids) to partake in and keep them out of trouble.

But … but … Washington has so many free libraries and museums! Urban youth could enrich themselves culturally and intellectually at no expense to their parents! And if the libraries are closing early, they can check the books out and read them at home, right? Is there something about libraries that “urban youth” don’t like? (Here I’d be using a “sarcasm” emoticon if there was one.)

Paul Kersey writes:

Being from Atlanta, I’ve seen crazy things. I was 12 when the worst of Freaknic transpired and my dad took me and my best friend to a Braves game. That was when I realized why we lived in the far-off suburbs. But this Black Biker Week took the cake.

I was with a group of nine white guys, but the hotel shuttle driver we used all week to go to and from the bars told us what areas to avoid and said that it was incredibly unsafe. He had a police scanner going in this shuttle on the ride back and it was an eye-opener hearing the dispatch reports.

A taxi driver gave us a free ride because he didn’t want us to walk through an area of town that had been taken over by black bikers. He point-blank told us they’d jump us.

Another water park (this one in Alabama) forced an early closing.

It’s getting bad, Larry. It’s only going to get worse.

Paul Kersey continues:
I can’t tell you how many of the white people I encountered tried to joke away the presence of the black bikers. It was like something out of South Africa.

These same people, conservative Southerners with beautiful kids, do everything humanely possible to avoid black people, even staying in veritable fortresses (i.e., nice hotel/resorts in Myrtle Beach) to avoid the black bikers who ride aimlessly (and noisily up and down the strip), disrupting what should have been a fun family weekend.

Most interesting, these same white, conservative Southerners will spend vast sums of money traveling and following the exploits of their alma mater on the football field, teams that have become almost exclusively black, with the recruits coming from those same communities they assiduously avoid living near.

They would never send their grade school children to live near these black underclass areas, but spend a lot of their time in the fall cheering on college football teams with players largely recruited from those same black underclass areas.

It was a surreal experience.

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