Behavior that you would only see from a member of a particular ethnic/racial group

In a Duane Reade store in my neighborhood I picked up two large bottles of juice and a large bag of pretzels. The check-out clerk, a young black man, put the three items in a large plastic shopping bag. I said to him, “That will be too heavy in one bag, please put it into two bags.” My attention then returned to paying him and getting change. When he handed me the bags I realized that he had moved the bag of pretzels into a second shopping bag, leaving the two heavy bottles of juice together in the first shopping bag. His idea of lessening the weight of the first bag had been to move the pretzels to another bag. I pointed out to him that the first bag, with two big bottles in it, would still be very heavy, so could he move one of the bottles to the other bag, which he then did.

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Jeff C. writes:

The reason that I don’t contribute to your often-worthy web site is articles like “Behavior that would only be exhibited by members of one ethnic/racial group.”

You pride yourself on making distinctions. If the nature of the world is that races and genders are biological entities with different bell curves for measurements such intelligence or common sense, you will still find behaviors as you described among other ethnic/racial groups. Right? Do you think that the Shanghai Chinese have no retarded kids?

Why would you put yourself outside of the range of people that others would be glad to interview, quote, and support, when your point is not even true? Why make yourself a pariah on purpose?

If I were you, I would not print my note. Instead, I would quietly remove the entry; not because it is offensive and undermines the respect that you deserve, but because it is superficial and false.

LA replies:

Sorry, but it’s true. One would not run into such behavior in a non-black. It’s not coincidence that when a checkout clerk exhibited such unprecedentedly stupid behavior, the clerk was a black.

Also, of course there will be very low IQ people in all ethnic groups, but non-blacks with such very low IQs don’t get hired to work as check out clerks.

Rhona writes:

Maybe more of us should be willing to make ourselves pariahs by telling uncomfortable truths. By the way, I think what is important here is not only that blacks have low average IQs but that their sensibility is generally one that does not involve trying to “help” other people, including other blacks. The black person in this case really didn’t care to be helpful. By contrast (and this is where the problem of Hispanics who are often helpful and pleasant gets to be sticky to people who interact with them and compare them to blacks), Hispanics often do try to be help and often take pleasure in it.

Jeff C. replies to LA:
I would let it go at that, hoping that someone else would note that you have already backtracked and in essence agreed that you could run into such behavior with others. Now the issue is hiring policy? But what if the kid was a stoned Valley Girl?

I don’t let it go because at a moment when more people are waking up to the threat of Muslim immigration, you weaken your ability to be heard. Reminds me of Andrew Bostom, in a way, though his issue (if you recall the contratemps with Robert Spencer) is more of an adolescent hypersensitivity to someone “stealing” his translation.

Is the anti-Jihad crowd self-destructive? The title of your article is not helpful, but okay, what can I do?

LA replies:

I haven’t backtracked at all. There are sub morons of all races, not just blacks, but one does not encounter them. Which was just what I said in the title.

As for turning people off on my views on Islam by also printing my views on black intelligence, my views on Islam also make me a pariah, or haven’t you noticed? Indeed, my views on a large range of issues make me a pariah. Key articles on those issues are permanently linked on the main page. Maybe I should delete them all to make you feel better about me. VFR is not a one-issue site. It has dealt consistently with the question of black intelligence and of black privilege from the start. It’s not suddenly going to stop dealing with that issue.

Greg W. writes:

Jeff C. said:

… “you will still find behaviors as you described among other ethnic/racial groups. right? Do you think that the Shanghai Chinese have no retarded kids?”

I always see this argument. People speak in generalities because the general rule is true. Pointing to an example of another race that exhibits behavior that is the exception for their race does not disprove the general rule of the other race. By the same token, if I said, “Chinese people are short,” you would point to the 7 ft basketball player Yao Ming and say “No, what about Yao?.” Yao Ming is the exception, not the rule, to the Chinese generally being shorter than others. You can’t say that Chinese people aren’t short because there are SOME tall ones.

Blacks, in general as a collective, have a lower IQ than whites, Asians, and Hispanics. This does not mean that there aren’t MANY blacks who are more intelligent than any of these groups, but it is not the rule, it is the exception.

Randy writes:

I was going to write about an incident in Memphis but did not want to interrupt the focus on the Terry Jones situation. I was going to present it in the following manner.

Racism’s ugly head still alive in Memphis

I recently went to a restaurant with a group of five other people while in Memphis. When we walked in, the greeter advised us that one of our party would have to leave a credit card at the front desk and that a tip would be added automatically to the bill. When we asked about the need for leaving a credit card, the greeter advised that they had encountered incidents of parties walking out without paying their bill. The practice struck me as odd as I had never experienced such a requirement in the past. My question was answered when I looked around the room and observed a large number of groups of blacks sitting at the tables. Of course, this would be viewed by the liberal society today as more evidence of undiminished racial prejudice since the practice was not evident in other restaurants where the customers were mostly white. Oh, and one last fact I didn’t mention is that the restaurant was a Mexican restaurant run by a family of recent “immigrants.” Just awful how racism against blacks just seems to pervade no matter where they go.

I recall many years ago a comment made to me by a very ardent and victimized black that the attitude they have is that they take every opportunity they can to “exploit” the system. They know they will never be treated equally, so this is the way they will get what is due them from the racist white society.

April 7

Bruce B. writes:

I understand if you can’t answer this, but my curiosity’s getting the best of me. Is “Jeff C.” Jeff Culbreath of What’s Wrong With the World?

LA replies:

No. And I wouldn’t post anything by Culbreath, who in VFR’s first year (2002-2003) was excluded from the site by VFR founder Jim Kalb because of his personal vendetta against me over my “racism.”

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