My TV is on; and, Rep. Wilson calls Obie a LIAR

The alien-in-chief is entering the House of Representatives. I don’t know whether I can bear watching him for 45 minutes.

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Don Marco de Jawsario writes:

Although I am a dashing, gallant caballero who would never interrupt El Presidente when he is addressing the peons, I most hardily approve of the Republican Congressman Wilson calling Barack Obama a liar over the Democratic assertion that the “undocumentados” will not receive benefits from health reform. By so unceremoniously interrupting El Presidente, Senor Wilson has forced the nattering nabobs of neo-Marxism in the media to confront this issue with illegal aliens, which as we know, is very unpopular with the public, to include a not so insignificant number of Democrats. Maybe the Republicans are acquiring some guts after all. This is getting muy interesante. Saturday marchamos en Washington a luchar las Obamaistas! Viva Senor Wilson! Viva la revoluccion!

LA replies:

Except that he apologized to to the White House, which sort of spoils the whole thing.

Einton writes:

Thought you might be interested in this.

In typical fashion , the NYT doesn’t delve into the reason Rep Wilson called Obama a liar during the speech.

The healthcare bill does not specifically cover illegals, but the Dems have voted down every amendment to require strict identification. So it “effectively” covers illegals. That’s why Rep Wilson called Obama a liar.

I love this line from the NYT: “Other Democrats said they did not want to dwell on the outburst or allow it overshadow what they saw as an effective address by the president.”

Let’s be more honest and translate this into normal speak: “The Dems don’t want to address the legitimate concerns that without strict identification—amendments for which the Dems have voted down time and time again—the bill will effectively cover illegals.”

Einton writes:

An update on Wilson’s outburst.

The AP plays the fool in its so-called “fact checking” article:

OBAMA: “The reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally.” One congressman, South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson, shouted “You lie!” from his seat in the House chamber when Obama made this assertion. Wilson later apologized.

THE FACTS: The facts back up Obama. The House version of the health care bill explicitly prohibits spending any federal money to help illegal immigrants get health care coverage. Illegal immigrants could buy private health insurance, as many do now, but wouldn’t get tax subsidies to help them. Still, Republicans say there are not sufficient citizenship verification requirements to ensure illegal immigrants are excluded from benefits they are not due.

The NYT, AP, and other MSM outlets are playing dumb for Obama and the Dems to pull a big one over on the American public. The bill ostensibly denies coverage to illegals to win the support of good Americans, but then with a wink and a nod to the Hispanic Caucus, the Dems vote down any serious citizenship verification requirement that the Republicans propose, thereby effectively providing coverage for illegals.

Interestingly, Obama dropped his estimate of the number of uninsured by one-third (!) in his speech tonight according to the AP article, although you have to read between the lines to understand why he did this.

OBAMA: “There are now more than 30 million American citizens who cannot get coverage.”

THE FACTS: Obama time and again has referred to the number of uninsured as 46 million, a figure based on year-old Census data. The new number is based on an analysis by the Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, which concluded that about two-thirds of Americans without insurance are poor or near poor. “These individuals are less likely to be offered employer-sponsored coverage or to be able to afford to purchase their own coverage,” the report said. By using the new figure, Obama avoids criticism that he is including individuals, particularly healthy young people, who choose not to obtain health insurance.

No—the real reason is that the census numbers count illegals, and Obama wants to deflect criticism that his bill will include them by explicitly stating “American citizens” this time around. Obama had stretched the truth before today by saying that “46 million Americans are uninsured” knowing full well that only 30 of the 46 million uninsured are actually citizens. In other words, if you want to use the words “American citizens” which leave no room for stretching the truth, you have to exclude the 16 million illegals in this country.

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