The site was not functioning between early last evening and this morning, so I’m a bit behind on comments and posts. In particular, because I haven’t been able to post comments and replies, I’ve received numerous comments pointing out that the female pilot of the Valujet plane that crashed in 1996 was not responsible for the crash. I never said she was, though I suppose my remarks could be seen as implying she was, so it’s understandable that readers would want to clarify the issue. I have replied to them.

Be sure to see Laura Wood explain why we should prefer men as pilots to women.

The discussion on Ron Paul, “A libertarian is a liberal,” also continues.

Comments have also been added in:

LBJ on blacks

Shopping cart victim may have had her life ruined, but is unshaken in her liberalism

How the admission of even one woman into a previously all-male institution must transform it

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