Large gang of black youth assault Marine and wife outside movie theater after the couple complained about noise

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MANATEE, Fla. (AP)—A group of unruly teenagers attacked a 27-year-old Marine and his wife who had asked them to be quiet during a Christmas night showing of “Little Fockers.”

The attack happened as the couple left the theater near Bradenton Saturday night. Authorities say the fight attracted about 300 bystanders.

Federico Freire, home on leave from Afghanistan, says they left the theater shortly after the teens were asked to leave.

The couple was kicked and punched in the parking lot before a gun-brandishing witness told the crowd to step back just before deputies arrived.

The above meaningless, uninformative AP story, which doesn’t even deign to tell us what the deputies did when they arrived or if anyone was arrested, is repeated at many websites.

Fortunately, through Google, I was able to find a far more informative article on the incident, at the Brandenton Herald. The full story is much more interesting, and the gang’s assault on the couple was much more extensive (the woman’s face was swollen up from blows, and she had cuts on the inside of her mouth), than the AP lets on. Neither article mentions the race of the gang, but from their behavior, statements, and names, it is evident that they are black.

The moral of the tale? John Hagan, who sent the original story, writes: “Lesson: don’t go to the movies in areas with a large black population.”

I’d say that’s a bit too broad. But what you can and should do, obviously, is avoid movie theaters that attract large numbers of black youth or low class blacks generally. Anyone who puts himself or his loved ones in close proximity to feral blacks—as the Marine did to his wife by bringing her to that theater—is an Eloi. How ironic. He was over in Afghanistan fighting demonic jihadists, then he comes home for Christmas and takes his wife on a date into the Heart of Darkness.

Here’s the Brandenton Herald story:

Couple: We were attacked at movies

Marine on leave, wife say loud teens prompted incident

MANATEE—A Marine and his wife were attacked outside a movie theater Christmas night after asking a group of teens to be quiet during a movie, according to Manatee County Sheriff’s Office reports.

The attack escalated into an affray attracting approximately 300 bystanders.

As a result, four teens and an adult were placed under arrest, according to reports.

Carmike Royal Palm 20 movie theaters in Bradenton.

Federico Freire, 27, who is on leave from Afghanistan, went to the movies at the Carmike Royal Palm 20, 5125 26th St. E., to see “Little Fockers” with his wife, Kayln.

Freire said a group of about 20 teens were being obnoxious and loud during the movie.

When they were asked to be quiet, some of teens began swearing. Kayln Freire went to find a manager and the youths were asked to leave.

The couple left shortly after.

“We were just so aggravated. We thought, ‘Forget this, we’re out of here,’ ” Federico Freire told the Herald.

Theater management asked more of the teens to leave and when they refused, deputies were called.

As the couple exited the theater just before 10 p.m., Kayln Freire was surrounded by about 15 girls who appeared like they were going to attack her, Federico Freire said.

A witness told Freire that he had a firearm in his vehicle and offered to escort the couple to safety.

Federico Freire said he told his wife to go with the witness to get her out of harm’s way.

Seven males then surrounded Federico Freire and began to kick and punch him, according to the sheriff’s office report; he was struck across the left side of his face.

“I got back up to defend myself and they started running everywhere,” he said.

A crowd of about 100 people began to form.

When Freire looked to his wife, he said he saw a young male with his shirt off punch her in the face, knocking her out.

Freire said he went after the youth and the witness brandished his gun, telling the crowd to step back.

Deputies arrived shortly thereafter.

As deputies were investigating, the manager of the theater asked anyone without a ticket to leave.

When a deputy asked 16-year-old Ishmael Dunbar to leave several times, the teenager refused and struck the deputy, according to the sheriff’s office.

At one point, Destiny McNeil, 20, a relative of Dunbar, attempted to intervene in the arrest and was arrested herself, the release said.

She was charged with resisting arrest without violence and was released from Manatee County jail Sunday on a $750 bond.

Reginald Gardner, 17, also hit the same deputy in the arm and resisted arrest after he was asked to leave the area. Gardner was stunned in the chest with a Taser by a deputy.

Both Gardner and Dunbar were charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

The names of 15-year-old twin brothers who were charged with misdemeanor battery for striking the couple were not released. Details of misdemeanor arrests for juveniles are not public record under Florida law.

Near the end of the incident, there were about 300 people milling around, according to authorities.

All available deputies were asked to come to the theater to help restore order, the release said. The manager then shut down the location.

A manager at the theater said thousands of dollars in refunds were given to patrons.

Normally, one to two off-duty law enforcement officers from state agencies are hired to work security on weekends. On Christmas night, no one was available, according to theater management.

No one was seriously injured.

“I’m fine. My wife’s face is all swollen up. She’s got cuts in the inside of her mouth. I was able to defend myself pretty good because of my training, but I was more worried about her,” Freire said.

A couple of videos were posted by the couple on YouTube showing police presence after the incident.

Freire, who is based at Camp Pendleton, Calif., leaves this week. He said after this incident, he has spent the remainder of his time at home with family.

“I’ve lived in this town. I know how trashy it can be,” he said, reflecting on the incident.

He is considering filing a lawsuit against the theater for not providing adequate security, as well as against the teens involved.

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Karl D. writes:

This whole story is just gross. The real loser however is the movie theatre. The owners had to refund thousands of dollars to movie goer’s and probably lost more revenue from people avoiding the theatre that night and the near future. And now the Marine (who I originally had his back) is going to sue the theatre because of insufficient security, which he will probably win in an out of court settlement. And blacks wonder why there are no businesses in the “Hood”? It’s a loser! Why would anyone want to open a business in a place that will most likely have sub par employees and employee theft along with a guarantee of violence at least twice a month? Add to that the shakedowns from local race hustler “community activists” and other bogus lawsuits and it’s a miracle there are any large chains in the hood at all. I can only suspect that large chain stores and theaters do it only for political reasons as their profits must be very low compared to other locations?

VL writes:

Though I wish it weren’t so, it is anything but “too broad” to counsel against attending a theater, or any other venue, where significant numbers of blacks are likely to be. What happened in Florida was simply an expression of a meme that has been firmly established in black life for about 20 years, and which goes something like, “Whitey is not allowed to talk to us.” The first time I experienced this was at a movie in downtown Berkeley in 1987. I asked a group of black kids behind me to quiet down, and they immediately threatened to “beat yo’ ass.” I just left before it could happen. The next time I saw the meme at work was in Reno in 1992, when I attended a screening of an Eddie Murphy film called “Boomerang.” The showing was in one of those multi-mini-theaters with about 40 patrons. When Murphy appeared giving one of his trademark putdown monologues, a 50-ish black guy across the aisle from me started shouting, “Yeah Eddie! You tell ‘em Eddie!” When I told the guy we didn’t come there to listen to his howls, he got up and told me he was going to his car to get his gun. Reno then (perhaps even now) had a small black population, so I figured I was safe with him one-on-one, and followed him out. Turned out he didn’t have a car in the lot, and he just walked off.

It is important to understand that there are two basic facts about modern black life. First is, blacks have little or no fear of official sanction for violence. Second, some kind of entitlement complex has set in under which any expression of “No” from a white face justifies nuclear payback. You saw the same reaction in last year’s NYC story where a black professor punched a white woman simply because she publicly disagreed with him. I’m telling you, black emotional pathology has mushroomed far beyond anything Moynihan ever envisioned, and is wildly underestimated.

Mark A. writes:

I have lived in an urban black-majority city for 10 years. It is common knowledge amongst all white people I know (including liberals) that one does not attend the movies. The only exception to this rule is that one can still go to artsy movie theaters as they play middle to upper-brow films that blacks have absolutely no interest in seeing.

DVD rentals/sales and pay per view streaming are where Hollywood now makes its money. Although this will never be discussed in the mainstream press, it is my belief, based on anecdotal discussions with friends and family, that DVDs sales and online shopping are exploding in popularity because whites do not want to deal with blacks who have overrun most movie theaters and shopping malls in areas outside of the major cities.

Whites are retreating from the malls and the theaters. The savages march on, unopposed.

December 29

Mark Jaws writes:

Manatee as of 2009 is 87% white and only 9% black This Marine was not wandering nonchalantly into Mau Mau Territory. All it normally takes is a few housing projects and several hundred feral blacks on welfare, and you have a problem. Citizens, particularly those who have served in the Armed Forces, should take advantage of concealed carry laws.

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