Lucianne still head over heels in love with the calamitous Bush, whose liberal leadership led directly to leftist Democratic rule, nationalized health care, and homosexuals in the military

From the Must Reads at, December 24, 2010:

We misunderestimated him: Bush’s memoir sells
2 million copies in a month—nearly as many as
Bill Clinton’s sold in six years

W’s book goes nucular … nuclear … nukular …
whatever, how sweet it is

- end of initial entry -

LA writes:

Not counting common, one-syllable articles and prepositions such as “in,” “with,” and “the,” 15 of the 21 words in the title of this entry contain the letter “l.”

Larry loves alliteration.

George R. writes:

It really is something to see how Bush-backers beam and bask in the big profitability of Bush’s brainless book.

(I have no first-hand knowledge that the book is brainless. I’m just assuming.)

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