Homosexual TV advertisement for Key West: “Close to perfect, far from normal”

Greg W. writes:

The commercial is sickening. No comment from me needed. This was on Bravo channel during a cooking show. Apparently Bravo is a promoter of the homosexual lifestyle. I was unaware of this until now.

LA replies:

Maybe they’re not a promoter of the homosexual lifestyle. Maybe Key West’s advertiser proposed the ad to Bravo, and, given the prevailing assumptions of our age, Bravo saw no reason to reject it.

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Greg W. replies:

Upon further examination, Bravo is basically to homosexuals as Lifetime is to women. They are working on a gay reality show now.

They were also the network that hosted the “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” series. There is a new show called “It’s a Brad Brad World”, a fashion show, which is hosted by a insanely flamboyant homosexual.

Bravo has been voted the most “gay friendly” network as well.

I don’t think, as you said, that Bravo just didn’t see anything wrong with this particular commercial. There’s no doubt in my mind that they promote homosexuality, if for no other reason than ratings to get the homosexual niche. Bravo syndicates many fashion programs which will obviously pique the interest of homosexual men more so than heterosexual/normal men.

The reason the Key West ad promoter proposed the ad to Bravo is that they knew Bravo supports homosexuality and would be most likely to air the commercial. I assume they didn’t propose the same ad to Fox News or a banner ad on Drudge.

Karl D. writes:

Believe me, the Bravo channel is fully on board with the Homosexual agenda. They were the ones who brought us the hit gem “Queer eye for the straight guy”, which really kicked off the whole “Metrosexual” movement.

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