Romney on Cain

The NY Times blog reports:

Mitt Romney addressed the accusations of sexual harassment surrounding his Republican rival Herman Cain for the first time Tuesday, calling them “particularly disturbing” and “serious” in an ABC News and Yahoo interview with George Stephanopoulos.

“These are serious allegations, George,” Mr. Romney said, when asked about allegations that Mr. Cain sexually harassed at least four women during his time at the National Restaurant Association. “And they’re going to have to be addressed seriously.”

Let us please recall that three of the four women are anonymous and have not made any specific charges, but have only spoken of the empty abstraction of “sexual harassment,” which could mean anything or nothing. Yet Romney calls their meaningless empty charges against Cain “serious” and “particularly disturbing.”

Even that empty suit President George Bush the elder stood by Clarence Thomas through his ordeal, one of the few noble and worthwhile things he did during his generally undistinguished political career. Romney lacks even the mettle of Bush.

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Jason R. writes:

Subject: Fake plastic Romney?

Is this what you meant by claiming that Romney lacks the metal [sic] of Bush I?

LA replies:

Whoops, it should be “mettle,” right?

As in the King’s “Once more into the breach” speech in Henry V:

And you, good yeomen, whose limbs were made in England,
Show us here the mettle of your pasture.
Let us swear that you are worth your breeding,
Which I doubt not …

(By way of explaining Jason’s witty correction, I think that in the initial posting of this entry, which I changed, I described Romney as “plastic.”)

November 9

Jason R. writes:

I confess to not seeing your earlier reference to Romney; the reference is to Radiohead song, Fake Plastic Trees.

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