The Democrats are so crazy they are looking like losers

I have felt for years that Lawrence O’Donnell is mad—deprived of his reason by a psychopathic hatred of conservatives. But O’Donnell said something this week, pertaining to Gov. Walker’s victory in the Wisconsin recall election, that made him look crazier than ever, but also makes me think that Obama might lose the presidential election, a view that, as readers know, I have resisted all along.

What O’Donnell said was: “Tonight, the really big winner in the Wisconsin recall election is President Obama.”

It’s not just that he said this; note the expression on his face and the emphasis in his voice as he says it (in a video clip on liberal denial shown by Jon Stewart). He seems mad as a hatter.

Why does this make me believe that Obama could lose? That O’Donnell interprets the Democrats’ catastrophic defeat in Wisconsin as a Democratic win shows, obviously, that he is in profound denial about what happened in that state. He could not accept the Dems’ failure there, because the truth was unbearable to him. So he had to turn it in his mind into a victory. It occurred to me that O’Donnell and other Democrats, in their delusory mental state, look like losers. The Democrats were not in a delusory state of denial at this point in 2008; to the contrary, they were confident of victory. Yes, they were deluding themselves that Obama was going to transform the structure of the cosmos and satisfy all their political and spiritual desires; but they were not a party in deep political trouble pretending to themselves that they were winning. That is what they are now, and it makes me think that they could actually lose, lose it all, see the messiah go down as a one-term president.

Also, as I watched O’Donnell in that brief clip, I projected his state of denial forward to election day next November. In my mind’s eye, I saw Obama being in the process of losing, and O’Donnell being in as great a state of denial about that as he is now about Wisconsin.

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A female correspondent who years ago used to like O’Donnell, seeing him as a genial, moderate figure, theorizes that O’Donnell’s mad hatred of conservatives is an act he adopted on the prompting of his producers after taking over Ken Olbermann’s slot on MSNBC: in order to be a successful replacement for the crazy Olberman, O’Donnell had to appear crazy himself. I acknowledge this as a possibility, but I don’t think it’s true. The turmoil within O’Donnell is too intense to be an act. If it is an act, he is one of the greatest actors I’ve ever seen. Also, O’Donnell was making extreme, crazy statements before he replaced Olbermann.

I’ve seen the same happen both with public figures and with people I’ve known personally. They would start out as moderate liberals, genial in themselves and relatively tolerant of conservatives. Then something happened and they became radicals—and, along with the radicalism, they conceived an irrational hatred for Republicans and conservatives.

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Ed H. writes:

I have taken the self hypnotized maniac face of Lawrence O’Donnell as emblematic of the entire liberal madness that created Obama in the first place. I often wondered who the people behind it all were, and what their reasoning is. How can they look at blatant reality and not see it? The answer is that there is no thinking going on at all. These people have long ago given up on conscious reflective thought. They are mad, and exist as a projection of mass insanity which, as long as they participate in it , gives them just enough identity and cohesion to ward off complete personal disintegration. It is this threatening abyss which propels them robotically forward from day to day. Most of the time they are able to hide it all by practiced mannerisms (the psychiatric term is “compensation”), but in moment of high stress it all breaks down and the true nature of their relationship with reality comes out: “the big winner tonight is President Obama.” Pure madness stripped of its guises and put on full public display. Remarkable.

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