If a tree falls in an empty forest …

If a Nigerian jihadist is spotted by the CIA planning a terrorist attack, but the CIA doesn’t tell anyone about it, does he really exist?

Michelle Malkin sums up the developments that are reported inter alia in the New York Times story I posted earlier:

In the latest Undy-Bomber-related news, we now learn that the CIA knew of “The Nigerian” in August and had the name of a Nigerian Muslim fanatic meeting with terrorists in Yemen in November, but somehow Abdulmutallab was allowed to fly and retain his active, U.S.-issued visa because the CIA didn’t share its vital file on Abdulmutallab outside its agency. Barry-come-lately acknowledged systemic failures yesterday afternoon—and the White House is finally running away from Janet The Clown-itano’s flirtation with the lone-nut theory.

Now, if they’ll only stop releasing terrorists.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at December 30, 2009 02:44 PM | Send

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