Fox declares Ohio for Obama; it’s over

A friend called me with the news as soon as it broke. So it’s over. Obama has been re-elected. The worst has happened, as I expected it to, but hoped that I would turn out to be wrong.

Also, Allen has lost in Virginia. Brown has lost in Massachusetts.

Drudge remains out of it. His top headline is “R 50% O 49%.”

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James N. writes:

I’m such a sap. I really didn’t believe it could happen.

Daniel S. writes:

The seeming victory of Barack Obama comes as absolutely no surprise to me. It is the culmination of the complete takeover of the mainstream by leftism, a victory in which the majority of Americans have consented to. Nietzsche’s description of the Last Man fits entirely with the American populace. And again, the English historian Arnold Toynbee observed that civilizations don’t die from murder, but perish from suicide. Tonight reveals ever more clearly that America is a society that wills its own death.

Aditya B. writes:

I’ve always described myself as a “theoretical pessimist and operational optimist.” A phrase I read somewhere that accurately described my world-view. If I wasn’t an “operational optimist,” I wouldn’t get out of bed. And that’s why I voted for Romney. Not that it would sway California, but as a symbolic act of the repudiation and rejection of black-Run America.

Alas, it seems that my darkest nightmares and your darkest prophesies have come to pass. This county has changed beyond your recognition. This is no longer Lawrence Auster’s America. This is supposed to be Aditya B.”s America, but he wants no part of it. He wants Auster’s America, which is why he tore himself from the bosom of his family, friends, habits and motherland to come here.

I didn’t turn my life upside down to live in a nation of perennial beggars, whiners, and losers forever seething at the successful man. I didn’t move to a nation that was so far along the path of self-abasement that they would elect a man who so obviously hated the Historic Nation and all it stood for. A man who, having surrounded himself with more haters and schemers, would bring into fruition his dream of truly humiliating and debasing the white majority of the nation until they were well and truly cowed into submission. A man who would turn America into an empty husk of a nation through ruinous regulation and onerous taxation. A man who would, in addition, conspire with America’s enemies and not shed a tear when a few white men died because of his treason. A Third-World dictator who has turned the public treasury into his private piggy bank. A man whose idea of culture is spending millions of dollars on having half-naked prostitutes cavort in the White House. I could go on, but I’m preaching to the choir.

November 6, 2012 is our anti-Guy Fawkes day. On this day, the enemy of the nation was returned to office so that he could blow up what remains of the foundations of this Republic and facilitate our transformation into a liberal bastion that exists solely to preserve the State by grinding the citizenry (rather, the productive citizenry).

We shall never have anything resembling a “conservative” party or movement. The dream is over. The Republicans will turn into something like the Tories, lamely pleading that they should be elected because they can run the State “more efficiently.”

The election’s message is crystal clear. The America of its Founders is dead and buried. It was a delicate thing and it couldn’t have been expected to last as long as it did. There’s no sense mourning it either. That America is unknown and unloved. Far better to simply forget about her and move on. Live like Milan Kundera and Aleksandr Solzenitsyn. Be free in our heart and soul knowing full well that the State owns the rest.

James H. writes:

You are right. The real America no longer exists! I will never accept this alien creature as president!

Idiots officially outnumber intelligent people in the United Ststes!

Randy writes:

As 2008, Obama basically ran unopposed. How Pathetic.

LA replies:

Did anything like the third debate ever happen before, when a president had told transparent lies and obviously misconducted himself in office, and his challenger not only refused to discuss the issue, but declared how he agreed with the president on every issue? Remember how the commentators on Fox said that this was a smart move, because it would soothe the fears of the soccer moms, a.k.a. the Independents, that Romney was not scary?

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Just like Bush the elder and Bush the younger, Romney was only capable of fighting when his back was to the wall, as in the first debate. As soon as his position had improved a bit, as a result of the first debate, he reverted to the Bush / Romney default mode, which is to be nice and accommodating. This expresses the essence of Republicans, that inside they are empty and unalive.

I had intended to post a full statement of what Romney could and should have said in the third debate about Benghazi and the Arab spring, but hadn’t gotten around to it. Maybe, for the record, I’ll still do it.

Kathlene M. writes:

I predicted a squeaker back in 2011. (See below the email I’d sent in response to one of your October 2011 posts.) It’s too bad that Romney and the GOP just talked about the economy and didn’t mention what else ails America. But even then I’m not so sure Romney could have won. America is too far gone. This is a very sad night, but many saw it coming a long time ago. America is becoming Mexifornia, ruled by one party and colonized by aliens.

Now we all brace for Obamacare and all the other wealth-redistribution and leftist payback schemes that are coming.

Here is my October 9, 2011 e-mail:

Re: That (literally) incredible Cain lead

“Romney—he confidently predicts—will win the nomination and then go on to win the election handily.”

While I agree that Romney could win the nomination by default, I don’t agree that Romney will win the election handily. I think a Romney vs. Obama election could really be a squeaker either way. Romney is viewed as equal to a McCain or a Schwarzenegger by many conservatives and Tea Partiers who are reluctant to vote for Establishment Republicans (aka liberals) again. Furthermore, the Democrats will attack Romney for his corporate ties, and will eagerly point out that he’s just another privileged white member of the Republican party. So I think it could really go either way.

If we’re stuck with Romney (and it’s too early to predict that he’ll win the primaries), he’ll need to win over conservatives by being emphatically clear about his positions on many issues. No more waffling and dancing around the edges. He’ll also need to choose a strong conservative VP. Otherwise I’m afraid that Romney, who himself is quite a slick salesman, will be outslicked by the slickest salesman of all: Barack Obama.

Dave T. writes:

Incredibly enough, it’s now looking like the only states the GOP presidential candidate gained in 2012 relative to 2008 are Indiana and North Carolina. Except for North Carolina, Obama ran the table of battleground states.


And Romney wasn’t a bad candidate either …

Steven T. writes:

You didn’t see it, but the talking heads on the Idiot Box were babbling an awful lot about racial demographics. Maybe some of that “Demographics is destiny” rhetoric will start to sink in on Joe America. The rainbow vote is here to stay. Adios, gringos.

LA replies:

Several months ago Ann Coulter wrote her second column on immigration in her 20 years as a conservative columnist. She indicated an awareness that the browning of America via our wonderful immigration policies doomed the Republican party. Maybe, just maybe, more establishment Republicans will start to see this. It will be too late, but at least maybe some of them will start to acknowledge reality.

Howard Sutherland writes:

Re your entry earlier this evening, “Tonight America could very well re-elect an openly treasonous president”:

Well, “America” seems to have re-elected that presumptively ineligible president. I’ll remain an American, because I cannot be anything else, but I renounce any loyalty to what the United States has become. We have witnessed the death of a nation.

Mark L. writes:

How depressing. Four more years of listening to that shrill voice, looking at that sour mug, all while sinking further into debt. And I’m Canadian! I can only imagine how you guys must feel!

Like you, I watched the live Fox analysis (via online feed, since I don’t have a TV), and right now feel like I should take a shower after being subjected to the rubbish coming from these modern careerist political operatives.

The evening started out with the triumphalism of that buffoon Mike Huckabee (wow, the Republicans took Arkansas!), only to spiral downward from that point on. It’s exactly as you and others have predicted: pride coming before a fall.

The closest thing to meaningful analysis came from Tucker Carlson, who said that changing demographics and the way people live their lives today have combined to make the U.S. a very different country than it was as recenlty as the late ’80s. He basically said that if back in 1988 the country looked and behaved as it does today, Mike Dukakis would have won in a landslide.

Carlson seems to get it. Not sure how committed he’d be to advocating anything bold in response to it, but he is at least saying it openly. Racial and ethnic minorities, with their tribal voting patterns, along with “lifestyle” liberal whites, are changing this country electorally.

And on the subject of lifestyle liberals, permit me an observation that is more impressionistic than anything else. I’m not a pollster (unlike everyone else in the world these days). Here goes:

People often complain about the lockstep, tribal voting patterns of groups like blacks, Hispanics and Jews. And that’s all very true. But what about good ol’ American whites—descendants of the Scots-Irish, Scandinavians, Germans, Dutch, etc.? Somehow as I watched most of the big electoral states turn blue, I had to wonder: who were the kingmakers in places like the Northeast, the Rust Belt, and certain key midwestern states? How many blacks and browns live in New Hampshire? Iowa? Minnesota? Massachussets? Wisconsin? How come Pennsylvania wasn’t even close? Outside of New York and Florida, could American Jews be decisive voters in a U.S. election?

From what I can discern, it’s whites—women (and not just single women), union workers and college students of both sexes, corporate types, Starbucks lovers—who were the deciding factor in the election. As they are up here in Canada and in the Western world in general. The awful truth is that lots and lots of white people really love liberalism.

Robert B. writes:

I think an apt term for tonight could be taken from a movie title “The Quickening.” I think the time has come that people should begin to think about where it might be best to live to ride out the coming storm. If monetary collapse preceded by hyper inflation is in the offing—which I believe it is, then where one resides may make the difference between life and death as the “other” ramps up its own behavior.

Yours in realism,
Robert B.

N. writes:

I feared as much earlier in the day when I saw a report from one of the heavily Obama supporting counties where a very high number of provisional ballots were being used. The provisional ballot is nothing more or less than a way to stuff ballot boxes, resulting from the Florida recount of 2000. It, along with the Motor-Voter Act of the 1990s, makes vote fraud easy.

So I feared that if the count was anywhere near close in Ohio, all the Democrats would do is start pulling out provisional ballots and validating them, just as they did to put Al Franken in the Senate in Minnesota four years ago.

It is a sad scandal that the Republicans never even try to roll back at the national level these vote-fraud enabling measures. Bush could have repealed Motor Voter if he wanted to expend the political effort, and thereby started trimming back some of the fraudulent votes that Democrats rely upon—such as dead people voting for years. The one-way left-pointed rachet, however, seems to paralyze Republicans, and at best they wind up ratifying the endless destruction, piecemeal.

N. writes:

Reading bits and pieces around the Web, it seems to me that conservatives still do not understand that they can get all the dedicated GOP voters to the polls that they want, but if the state keeps importing a million new Democrats a year via legal and illegal immigration, keeps creating millions of new single-mother Democratic voters via social policies, keeps impoverishing the middle-class GOP base, then the sheer demographic shift guarantees a one-party state in less than a decade.

How many pro-immigration Republicans does it take to change a light bulb? None, they hire an illegal alien to do it for them.

Kathlene M. writes:

I look forward to your analysis on the future of the Republican Party after this night is over. Your insights are always so helpful. I’m reading a lot of angry comments on the various blogs aimed at Karl Rove and others within the Republican establishment. Is the GOP dead? Will it fold into the Democratic Party? Will the GOP play dead and now ally itself with Obama on everything?

Giunliano D. writes:

Mitt Romney is as good a candidate that the Republican party could expect. The only option the Republican party had was to focus entirely on economics. On every other issue in America—cultural, social and legal—Republicans don’t have a chance. The population and demographic of the country has changed drastically. If a businessman such as Mitt Romney could not win on a strictly economic platform in an election in which the economy was the prime issue, then there is no other door open for future Republican candidates. The Republican party is dead with respect to presidential elections.

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