Did Israel apologize for the “We Con the World” video?

Here is the headline from AOL News:

Israel Apologizes for Music Video Mocking Gaza Flotilla

The headline is false, as is shown by the story itself. It’s a common device of the leftist media to put leftist propaganda in the headline of an article, and put the true facts in the body of the article, since they know that many people just react to headlines and don’t read the articles. The AOL story itself says:

The Israeli government has apologized for circulating a satirical video that uses Michael Jackson’s hit single “We Are the World” to mock activists from the Gaza flotilla….

The Israeli Government Press Office distributed footage of the music video to foreign journalists on June 4, but then sent an apology to reporters just hours later, insisting it had been an accident.

“The contents of the video in no way represent the official policy of either the Government Press Office or of the State of Israel,” Israel’s Government Press Office later told CNN.

Of course it was inappropriate for a government office to be distributing the “We Con the World” satire. The upshot is that the Israeli government did not apologize for the video. It apologized for a government functionary who circulated the Internet link to the video. So this is no big deal.

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