Has Denmark surrendered?

The Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, has issued some kind of apology for its cartoons of Muhammad. I don’t have details of this yet, but apparently Denmark has been placed under unrelenting pressure from the entire European “community” as well as the from the Musulman, backed by former president Clinton who in a speech in Qatar condemned the publication of the cartoons and compared them to anti-Semitism. Denmark’s resistance to the European dhimmi consensus was a heartening and important thing, and their surrender, if that is what it is, is very bad news.

Here is the latest summary of the affair from The Brussels Journal.

A reader writes from Scandinavia:

As for Jyllands-Posten’s apology: Note that the paper did not apologize for printing the prophet cartoons per se, only that they in the process of using their freedom of speech insulted Muslims. This “some kind of apology” is depressive enough. However the good news in which to rejoice is the fact that the vast majority of the Danish people are not surrendering. Morale is good. I haven’t seen polls in Norway.

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