Vast, violent mob, cheered on by authorities and newspapers, breaks up rally against Islamization of Europe

At her blog, Diana West tells how 40,000 rioters flooding the streets of Cologne prevented an anti-Islamization group of 1,500 persons from legally gathering and protesting the construction of a proposed super-mosque. Cologne’s mayor called this victory of mob rule “a victory for the city of Cologne and a victory by the democratic forces in this city.”

And here is the London Times’ story (copied below). It reads like something in a Communist newspaper. A mob of 40,000 breaks up a peaceful protest, and the Times mocks the “farce” of the protesters fleeing for safety. Notice how the anti-Islamization demonstrators, who were seeking to do nothing but give speeches and tour the construction site, are repeatedly described as “far right wing extremists,” while the huge mob that violently attacked, threatened, and disrupted them are described as “anti-fascists.” What a dark day for the West.

I sent this comment to the Times:

I never thought I would see the London Times cheering on violent protesters and gloating at the sight of peaceful demonstrators being physically threatened and terrorized.

So the Times is FOR the Islamization of Europe, and it is FOR a violent mob silencing any protest against that Islamization.

Lawrence Auster, New York City, USA

Here is the article, plus the readers’ comments.

Far Right extremists flee anti-mosque rally in Germany

by David Charter in Cologne

A weekend gathering in Cologne of far-right European extremists ended in farce when the main rally was cancelled as the organisers fled for their own safety.

Pro-Cologne, a group counting some of Europe’s most prominent hardliners in its ranks, had intended to campaign against the construction of Germany’s largest mosque, due to be completed in 2010 in the Ehrenfeld district of the city.

The building has attracted controversy because of its size, aiming to cater for up to 4,000 worshippers under a dome 37m (121ft) high and two 55m minarets—although they are shorter than the twin 157m spires of the cathedral that dominates the skyline of Cologne.

Politicians invited to the protest included Filip Dewinter, head of the Belgian Vlaams Belang (Flemish Interest) party, Andreas Mölzer, an MEP from the Austrian Freedom Party, and Mario Borghezio, an MEP in the Italian Northern League. Two members of the British National Party were also in town, including Richard Barnbrook, its sole member of the London Assembly.

A press conference to launch the pan-European movement against “Islamification” descended into chaos when its secret location—on board a Rhine river cruiser—was leaked. Left-wing activists arrived en masse to disrupt the event and were so successful that only two Pro-Cologners made it on board before the captain cast off in panic and headed for open water

A Pro-Cologne spokesman said: “Stones, bricks and paintbombs were thrown and the panoramic windows of the Moby Dick were shattered.”

The group had then planned to tour the site of the mosque but this was stopped by the police on the ground that a busload of right-wing extremists cruising through a predominantly Muslim area might not be conducive to law and order.

So the only chance that Pro-Cologne had to make an impact was at its main rally on Saturday afternoon in the Heumarkt square. The organisers hoped for about 1,500 people. They had not reckoned on 40,000 screaming anti-fascists trying to break into the square to remonstrate with them.

With leading delegates stuck at the airport and the Heumarkt besieged, the rally was called off after only 45 minutes. The organisers began dismantling their microphones and stage, hoping that the security cordon would hold as police battled against the more violent protesters who were throwing paintbombs and snatching batons.

Although some of them were spirited away, many were penned in for several hours, unable even to get a beer as the bar owners in the square refused to serve them. Finally the BNP representatives got out, scuttling out the back of some of the buildings lining the Heumarkt, their attempts to present a united European front against Islamification in tatters.

“This was a victory for the democratic forces in this city,” Fritz Schramma, the Christian Democrat mayor, said. The city has a 120,000-strong Muslim community, part of the three million Muslims who make up about 4per cent of the German population.

Here are Comments following the article.

“This was a truly fantastic win for the voice of good, decency and respect.” Voice of good, ? A mob hurling stones bricks and paint bombs, who seem to think that the correct manner to get thier point accross is to resort to violence. what ever happened to open debate?A sad day for true democracy

Carl Blackwell, chelmsford, england

John Baker says: “No one would willingly support fascism. “. If only that were true!

Andrew Pearson, Belfast, N.I.

I am a young, well-educated, left-leaning, travelled, open-minded adult and I believe Islam is a grave threat to our society.

There is a huge, unseen, Islamic element in this country whose ultimate aim is to completely Islamicise it.

As such, I will soon do the unthinkable…vote Conservative.

Owen, Wigan, UK

TO sarah rosenberg: LEAD THE WAY. Wear your veil. This is the fasting month, so start fasting. Stay at home and do not educate yourself. When I see that you are actions befit your words, only then will I take notice of them.

G Richards, London,

Good to hear that despite all the racist propaganda that we are bombarded with on a daily basis, the majority refuse to swallow it and will rush to the defence of Muslims at the drop of a hat. The BNP and the racist establishment should take serious note of this.

Mary Allen, London, UK

Excellent news. From my experience, most people vote for parties like the BNP out of ignorance and as a ‘protest vote’ unaware of what they truly stand for. No one would willingly support fascism.

John Baker, London, UK

Good to see that this article takes a clear stand against the far right. I have to admit being worried about the media’s relationship with the far right these days, as the BNP is increasingly painted as some sort of acceptable party (especially by the BBC).

Marie Collins, Middlesex, UK

I agree with Keith. One day all the euro’s will pray for the brave souls to be somewhere around in the future that wanted to stop our friends from the rel. of peace from growing. Too bad for old Europe. See ya.

Joe, St. Paul, MN , USA

Amusing thing is that the Far Right Activists were merely exercising their right to Demonstrate (peacefully!) and their right to their own opinions.

funny how everybody pats on the back 40000 screaming nutters as a democratic “force”. Despite damage and violence to Police & innocent property!

Stuart Frize, Glasgow, Scotland

Shame that people such as keith feel muslims mistreat these groups, wer here his protest proves that there are extremists in every groups. well done to the democrats and germans. its time we integrate and produce peace instaed of segregating muslims and creating wars

sarah rosenberg, nottingham,

Keith Bentham, Wigan, UK, the current German Muslims population is 3.7% and thus it brings into question your “30% of Germany would be Muslim in 18 Years”!!!!!

You’re not a member of the BNP or alike?

Mohammed Khan, Bradford, UK

This was a truly fantastic win for the voice of good, decency and respect. Christian and Muslim coming together to say No to extremism—NO not in our lands. Im proud of each and every one of those brave Germans that came out to make a stand. It shows that we are all, differences aside -one.

Wasim, Gla, Scotland

Good job Germany, there is no place for extremists in Europe. no matter what religion u r.

peace to all.

saeed_burco, London,

Well done proud of Germen people stood for what you believed in truly proud today Christians and Muslim’s and other faith’s standing together.

Tim, London, United Kingdom

The German government recently affirmed 30% of Germany would be Muslim in 18 years. I’m sure that the future Islamic Germany will treat anti-fascists, Jews, women and homosexuals far worse than any modern day pseudo nationalists would.

keith bentham, Wigan, uk

Today I am proud to be a European.

Joss, Bedford, UK

September 23

Nora Brinker (“the Editrix”) writes from Germany:

Diana West’s and your articles omit the fact that “Pro Koln” [pro-Cologne], the party that organized the torpedoed rally, is, to all intents and purposes, indeed a radical right-wing, a Nazi-, party and West put it in numerous quotes, the “implication … that the rise of this Turkish-funded mosque complex was merely a false pretext for ‘fear-mongering’ and ‘race-baiting’” was very much based on facts. “Pro Koln” invited, for example, infamous Holocaust-denier Jean Marie Le Pen, who was sensible enough to decline the invitation. They can not by any stretch of the imagination be associated with serious Islam-critics and have not the slightest inclination to fight for the values for which you, West (or I) are standing. However, as Pro-Koln is not banned and as the rally was licensed by the authorities, the rest of your assessment stands. Nota bene that the few serious Islam-critics present, among them refugees from Muslim countries, were attacked and hooted down by the mob with the police watching, just as the real Nazis were. The “Antifa” mentality has safely arrived within the German mainstream who has just exchanged one totalitarian ideology for a more fashionable one. See this.

Should we be amazed that they are so fond of the totalitarian death-cult called Islam? The few pathetic Nazis serve as a whipping boy against whom every German can safely be, and thus prove “how much we have learned from our past”. Also, our Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz) would lose enormous sinecures if those parties were banned.

LA replies:

I’ve not seen any information showing that Nazis were involved in Pro-Cologne.

It’s an overstatement to call Le Pen a Holocaust denier, let alone an “infamous” one. In 30 years he’s made a two or three passing cheap shots diminishing or dismissing the Holocaust. This is bad, and has deservedly harmed him, but it’s not the same as Holocaust denial.

Kidist Paulos Asrat writes:

Nora Brinker writes:

“Pro Koln” [pro-Cologne], The party that organized the torpedoed rally, is, to all intents and purposes, indeed a radical right-wing, a Nazi-, party.”

Other well-respected rightist groups from Europe attended (at least attempted to attend) this conference organized by Pro-Cologne. How would she explain their attending a conference organized by a group sympathetic to Nazi ideology?

Could Nora provide more information which would make Pro-Cologne a Nazi-party, besides the expected presence (by invitation or not) of Jean-Marie Le Pen?

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