Will Weiner resign?

It’s an interesting question. If this were a “normal” sex scandal, I would say absolutely not—I would say that Weiner’s entire character is geared toward fighting and remaining a congressman, and therefore he will bull it out to the end no matter what, just as the far less fierce Sen. Larry Craig, despite the calls of his party for him to step down after his arrest for soliciting sex in an airport men’s room, held his ground against all pressure and served out the remainder of his term. But the unprecedentedly embarrassing nature of Weiner’s behavior, and the fact that more and more of the Democratic party are calling on him to resign, may put pressure on him that he cannot resist.

Yet wasn’t Craig’s behavior unprecedentedly embarrassing? How does a man have the moxie to remain in the United States Senate, after having been caught playing footsy with another man in an adjoining men’s room stall? So I find myself unable to make a prediction about Weiner. Neither outcome would surprise me.

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June 9

Charles T. writes:

I believe he eventually will have to resign. The evidence of this man’s Internet sexcapades continues to grow. Each new “exposure”—pardon the pun—continues to get worse. Has any previous congressman posted such intimate photos on the web in the nature this man has done?

He is a walking scandal and will serve as a perpetual embarassment for Congress.

I think he has crossed a line of behavior that is not even accepted among the Dems.

This one is not going to go away easily.

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