College football, race, and national suicide, cont.

Have black athletes replaced whites in high-level college football teams simply because blacks are better athletes, or because of the growth of a pro-black, anti-“racist” culture in college football that has excluded talented whites? The debate continues.

Also, in the same thread, I wrote this comment:

This sounds like evidence for Paul Kersey’s thesis. Southerners put all this energy and collective passion into a school sport, while passively allowing the Hispanicization, Islamization, and de-Europeanization of their country. Either their football mania is a compensation for no longer being allowed to defend their culture, or it’s a huge distraction from defending their culture. Either way it seems the height of decadence: all these white people madly cheering on their football teams (whether the players are white or black, it doesn’t matter), all these whites being transported by the passions of “football patriotism,” even as whites are being steadily degraded into a minority in their own country. These whites don’t put one billionth of the energy into defending their threatened culture and civilization that they put into cheering their football teams. That these teams consist largely of black thugs only intensifies the tragedy.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at November 16, 2011 05:03 PM | Send

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