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Forgive me, readers, for thinking that David Frum was serious. When, with a certain modest fanfare, he embarked last week on his decision process at David Frum’s Diary about whether to endorse McCain or Romney, which I jokingly referred to as the David Frum Presidential Conclave, I thought that he thought that his decision was politically important. He is, after all, a well-known political journalist and author, who only last week had an op-ed in the New York Times advocating a new direction for conservatism. By telling his readers which candidate he supported, he would be declaring what he thought was best for the country and seeking to persuade others to his view.

But, as it turns out, that’s not what Frum was about at all. He wrote yesterday:

Sorry this exercise continues to take so long—but I don’t have to make my own personal decision until the DC primary on Feb. 12, and I doubt very much that there are many Super Tuesday voters waiting to take their cues from me.

So Frum sees his own decision on whom to support for the presidency as having no public significance. It’s only relevant to his own vote. In the midst of a bitter, fateful debate within the Republican party and the conservative movement, he didn’t feel he ought to take a stand prior to the climactic Super Tuesday primaries, which may, in fact, determine the outcome of the race.

In short, David Frum’s Diary is just that—a personal diary:

“February 2. Dear Diary: Today I’m so annoyed at Sen. McCain, that man is just impossible.”

“February 3. Dear Diary: Today I’m feeling much better about McCain. After all, he’s so good on the war…”

- end of initial entry -

A reader writes:

Frum and Lowry open themselves to the charge that their oblutions (a word Churchill used) are merely cover to avoid taking a position so they will be “in” with whoever wins.

Tim W. writes:

Frum’s waiting to see the results today. He’ll then side with whichever candidate appears to have momentum. It’s his equivalent of a coin toss.

Laura W. writes:

I absolutely adore diaries!!!! Whether it’s a diary of a little girl or diary of a grown political commentator, they are all glimpses into the mysterious inner world of Homo sapiens. Obviously you are not a connoisseur as you completely miss the point of Frum’s diary. The goal is to catch the thought mid-stream, as it were, and never come to anything so cold and unfriendly as a conclusion. Frum says: “Frankly, I doubt very much that either of these men [Romney or McCain] will make it to the presidency. So the more relevant question is: what will be the effect of the kind of campaign that they will run—and what state would they leave the party after November 2008?” That is so inspiring!!!! It makes me see the beautiful ebb and flow of meaninglessness all around.

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