How to commit racial and civilizational suicide: make women superior to men; and, this was the real goal of feminism all along


In Australia in 1966, men received 61 percent of all college degrees, women 39 percent. By 2009, women received 59 percent of all college degrees, men 41. And, as Mark Richardson adds,

It is projected that by 2019 the situation will be exactly the reverse of 1966 - that 61% of degrees will go to women and not men.

I wonder what middle-class parents think of this graph. It’s going to be harder for their sons and daughters to form families in such a situation.

To which his first commenter replies:

There’s a solution for that: discard the sons to the scrap heap and import multicultural husbands for the daughters.

As in Helsinki. [LA adds: See VFR’s entry from this past January on the University of Helsinki’s Club Swagga, where Finnish female students mingle with African male students.]

The next commenter says:

And if the female hypergamy hypothesis is predictive (which I believe generally it is), just who are those 61% of college grads going to marry?

- end of initial entry -

James N. writes:

“And if the female hypergamy hypothesis is predictive (which I believe generally it is), just who are those 61% of college grads going to marry?”

Some will marry Muslims, and some will marry thugs. This pattern is already well established on the Dead Isle, and will spread.

Mark Jaws writes:

I believe a good portion of this female superiority in college graduation rates is tied to the black and Hispanic populations, in which males are much more likely to end up with jail time than college diplomas. Fifteen years ago I worked across the street from Hampton University, a historically black college, and I used to run through the campus. I was struck immediately by the dominance of females over males. It would be interesting and more to the point to compare the college attendance and graduation rates of white females and white males.

CO writes:

One of Finland’s most popular cultural products is heavy metal. Here’s a short list of Finnish bands:

Battle Beast
His Infernal Majesty
Doom Unit
Am I Blood
Cry of Distress
Forever Winter

This is an entire industry that is blatantly, openly, proudly contemptuous of females, notwithstanding the fact that these bands are wildly popular with girls.

Wherever feminism has reached terminal stages, misogyny finds a way to rear its ugly head. I swear they go together in a perverse way, I just can’t say how.

James P. writes:

Mark Jaws writes that “good portion of this female superiority in college graduation rates is tied to the black and Hispanic populations.”

The census site breaks down educational attainment by race and sex.

If I am reading it correctly, among non-Hispanic whites 25 years old and over, men have 48.4 percent of the degrees and women 51.6 percent. Bachelors degree or higher is almost an exact split—49.8 percent men and 50.2 percent women. (Women have a lot more Associate’s degrees than men.) That’s good news for white women who expect to get college degrees; there will be men for them who also have degrees.

Blacks, 25 years old or over, all degrees, 43.6 percent male and 56.4 percent female.

Hispanics, 25 years old or over, all degrees, 46 percent male and 54 percent female.

Beth M. writes:

1) Mark Jaws is on to something. I think that the ratio is far more skewed in minority populations than in white populations. Didn’t Steve Sailer publish or re-publish data at one point that black females are 4 or 5 times as likely to have an IQ over 140 as a black male?

2) This graph only looks at graduation, not initial enrollment. I don’t think the disparity is as large in the freshmen and sophomore years, at least among whites. Of the limited number of decent-paying jobs that are still available in the American economy, most of them (except nursing) are more available to men than to women. If a guy with an IQ of 110 who is slogging through his second year of college has a cousin making good money in the oil fields of North Dakota, he may decide to go to North Dakota after he finishes his sophomore year. This scenario virtually never happens with female students, so they stick around and complete their degree. A female with a degree in history or sociology or art who is working as a barista is NOT going to refuse to date a guy with two years of college AND a good income.

3) Back in the 60s, lots of upper-middle-class females went to college to find a husband. After a year or two, they had found one, and they never finished their degrees, or only finished the degree years later after a divorce or widowhood. The male-female ratio was probably pretty even during the freshman year, but became off-kilter as freshmen and sophomore girls married graduation seniors. Sometimes these statistics only reflect people who finish a degree within six years of starting, which may not accurately reflect the sex ratios of those who eventually complete a degree.

4) The whole “going off to college” lockstep is falling apart anyway. Nearly everyone who attends college attends in the hope that it will improve their earning ability. At the present time, college helps women more than it helps men, and the ratios reflect that. But college doesn’t add as much value as it once did, and much of the added value is sucked right back out by student loan payments.

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