The West, in the act of admitting and accommodating Islam, has accommodated and accepted the Islamic program of Jew-hatred

Bjorn Larsen writes:

With regard to “A derangement of the world,” your readers, and Melanie Phillips, should read Sam Solomon’s new book, “Al Yahud: Eternal Islamic Enmity and the Jews.” See review.

In it Mr. Solomon demonstrates how the Koran codifies the Islamic hatred for the Jews. It is therefore no surprise that the Western world condemns Israel in the ways we are now seeing. The Western world has, after all, adopted the entire Islamic agenda of the Islamization of Europe in the form of immigration and multiculturalism and the acceptance of Shariah in various forms, such as speech limitation, dress codes, food standards, financial instruments, and Arab investments in our academic institutions and media corporations. As Bat Ye’or has demonstrated, the West also adopted the Palestinian narrative in the 1970s, dropping its protection of Israel a mere 25 years after Israel’s birth.

So how can we now be surprised and shocked at the intended destruction of Israel? The Jew was always Islam’s Enemy Number 1. This connection between the present and the past was conclusively demonstrated by the “humanitarians” calling out, “Khaibar, Khaibar, O Jews. The Armies of Muhammad are coming,” in their preparation for battle on the Gaza flotilla.

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