The latest GOP flavor of the month: a very old flavor, already tried and found wanting

In the Lucianne thread on Dorothy Rabinowitz’s Wall Street Journal column touting the candidacy of Newt Gingrich, most of the commenters support Gingrich, thus demonstrating what now seems the incurable silliness (or understandable desperation) of Republicans. Sorry, but here’s the truth: Gingrich is a whack job, a man who says interesting things each day but keeps uncontrollably changing what he says each day. There is zero solidity and reality in the man, and thus he would be a disaster in any high leadership position. Rabinowitz and the majority of L dotters either have forgotten this about him or they never knew it.

In that discussion and elsewhere there is also the recurrent theme that the only problem with Gingrich is his private life. Wrong. If his private life were blameless, he would still be, by his own description, a hyperactive four year old forever looking for a “new cookie,” and totally unqualified for the presidency.

If you haven’t read it, I recommend my 2010 article, “Gingrich confirms my long time portrayal of him.” Here are other VFR entries dealing with Gingrich.

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