The deadly results of our institutions’ refusal to investigate Muslims

In an e-mail written in 2007, Laura G. tells about the connection between a Muslim defector from the U.S. Army, and a Muslim who some later committed mass murder in Salt Lake City: the two men attended the same mosque. But the media and government had not investigated the mosque and its imam following the defection of the first man.

Laura G. writes:

It is probably time to remind your readers of the event when a Muslim member of our army tossed a live grenade into a tent, in Iraq, I believe. Are there other known attempts (successful and unsuccessful) of Muslim members of the U.S. armed forces attacking our own troops? There probably are, but the one with the grenade is the one that comes to my mind.

Closely related was the event when a Muslim member of the armed forces faked being kidnapped while in Iraq. He was later declared to be AWOL and when I lost track of it, he seemed to have joined the enemy. FYI, below is a note I sent a friend in February 2007 when she and I were conflicting about whether or not it is bigoted to identify Muslims as Muslims when they murder on behalf of their religion (it is unbelievable that I have to have these conversations, but I do). The conversation below occurred after the Salt Lake City murders in a shopping center.

I wrote:

Another reason publicly to identify Muslims who kill is that I very much doubt that all or even most citizens of the U.S. already know that there are cells of would-be Islamic murderers in the U.S. At least, I think that you would have trouble supporting that position. It appears to me that this is such a forbidden topic that very many people are unaware, and the FBI itself is also denying this. This makes it very, very difficult for the general public as well as for protective agencies (police, FBI, etc) to “connect the dots” and see patterns of danger as they develop.

This particular situation in Salt Lake City is an excellent example of the results of enforced ignorance. Bear with me for a longish outline of the saga. The SLC mosque of the current killer is named “Al-Noor.” Spokesmen for the mosque initially denied that the killer attended, and implied that he is a gypsy. That lie became untenable, so they then acknowledged that he was involved and did attend; because of their initial attempts to block the information that he attended their Mosque, I conclude that they have a lot to hide. Well, I was interested in looking up that mosque and found that it is the same tiny mosque which was attended by a Muslim Marine from Salt Lake City who was in Iraq as a translator, Wassef Hassoun. His name may be familiar to you because he was the center of extensive reports when he initially appeared to have been kidnapped in Iraq in about 2005. He was later returned, the kidnapping was determined to have been a sham event, he defected to Lebanon, returned to the U.S., and redefected. He is now on the military’s most-wanted list and presumed to be an accessory to terrorism. So, when Hassoun was identified to have joined the enemy, we should have become very interested in that mosque, but did not. Therefore, no information about the imam was sought or forthcoming. Not until the current murders. Well, on the day of the murders, the imam (Shuaib-Ud Din) disappeared, his wife showed up at the police station claiming she had been beaten and kept imprisoned, and another member of the mosque complained that it was a good thing that the imam had disappeared because the imam was keeping “suspicious” persons at the mosque. You can imagine as well as I can who those persons might have been, but it is likely that the killer had training in gun use and his own father said that someone had sent him on his mission of murder. Who is more likely than visitors to that mosque with an imam who had already mentored another radical?

Apologies that this story is so long, but I do think it is an example of the sort of thing that needs to be known, and which the public is currently barred from knowing. To be specific, the “connecting of the dots” should have gone from Hassoun, to Al-Noor mosque, to imam Din, to the material and teachings in that mosque. Had that happened, there is the strong likelihood that there would have been six fewer funerals in SLC this month. Pity. By the way, I got much of this data from careful cross-googling, but it shouldn’t be so hard to get. Above all, the FBI and police should refrain from their quick and ludicrous statements that these crimes are not terrorism-related. It discourages the gathering of relevant information.

[end of e-mail to friend]


Hang in, Larry. These are genuinely desperate times, and almost nobody has the guts to articulate what our situation is, and what any rational response would be. Just yesterday, before the murders had been reported, my somewhat liberal daughter commented to me that we are a genuinely psychotic nation, in that just eight years ago we were attacked by Muslims for being kaffirs and 3000 of us murdered by Muslims for Islamic religious/political reasons, and now we have gone ahead and voted one into office to be President. As she said, we have to be deeply crazy, psychotically crazy, to do such a thing.

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