Weak, foolish Eric Cantor—and how many Republicans does that describe?

How many have asked for “dates” with Democrats?

And not only did Cantor ask Pelosi for a “date”—she rejected him.

How can one take seriously a politician who falls for such a humiliating fraud? Even wimpy Canadian politicians wouldn’t be as wimpy as this.

Newsmax reports:

Pelosi to Cantor: Sorry, I’ve Got Other Date for SOTU

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has rejected Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s invitation to sit next to him during President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. Pelosi says she already made a seat commitment, The Hill reports.

“I thank @GOPLeader for his #SOTU offer, but I invited my friend Rep. [Roscoe] Bartlett from MD yesterday & am pleased he accepted,” Pelosi writes on Twitter. Cantor extended his invitation Monday evening through staffers for the two leaders, says his spokesman Brad Dayspring.

“The Cantor-Pelosi duo would likely have been awkward,” according to The Hill. “The new GOP majority leader on Monday singled out Pelosi for unprompted criticism while he praised her chief deputy, Minority Whip Steny Hoyer. Cantor and Hoyer were scheduled to have lunch Tuesday, and Cantor noted that while he and Hoyer met throughout the last Congress, he and Pelosi did not.”

Cantor says, “I would say that is in stark contrast to the now-minority leader.”

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January 26

Stephen T. writes:

Sounds like the GOP leader could benefit from some “game.” Nice guys finish last with chicks. While Cantor has broken the oldest rule in the book by falling into the emasculating “Friend Trap” with Nancy Pelosi, an Alpha elected representative might have played on the more vulnerable Barbara Boxer, instead, utilizing the Bad Boy persona in a classic “Pump & Dump” strategy.

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