What we would have had in the White House, if McCain voters had prevailed

Throughout 2008, and for a final time on the day before election day, I said that if McCain were elected he’d be a liberal in office, but because he was a Republican the conservatives would slavishly follow him in his liberalism, thus destroying whatever was left of conservatism; and therefore it would be better to have a Democratic leftist president whose leftism the conservatives would actually oppose.

Here’s a glimpse of what would have been in the White House—and what the conservatives would have slavishly gone along with in the White House—had McCain been elected. His wife, Cindy, supported by their daughter, Meghan (though with her face lifts Cindy herself looks like her husband’s daughter), has posed for an ad for a pro-same-sex “marriage” group called “No H8” which calls for the overthrow of Proposition 8. Sen. McCain has said that he respects his wife’s position, though he doesn’t agree.

Multimillionaire Republican political wife expressing solidarity
with an oppressed and silenced minority—wealthy homosexuals

This reminds us of how Vice President Cheney publicly supported homosexual marriage notwithstanding President Bush’s supposed opposition to it; and how Bush, by allowing his VP to take the unprecedented step of publicly opposing a policy of the president’s, made it clear that he himself didn’t give a damn about opposing homosexual marriage.

You know, I think the average bum on the street has a higher character than the average U.S. President.

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Laura wood writes:

I’m not surprised. Cindy’s narcissistic use of her adopted Bangladeshi daughter to boost her liberal credentials during the campaign and at the convention was repulsive, as was her trumpeting of her own vitality in various global efforts against world poverty.

LA replies:

What do you mean her vitality?

Laura replies:

If you remember, the movie about her at the Republican Convention showed her off in various parts of the world conquering poverty and disease in jeeps and tents. She was keen to show her virtue in liberal terms. There was something strikingly odd about the picture created, especially in light of her strange and plastic appearance. It suggested a woman unhinged. Even her family apparently was not safe from her drive for liberal perfection, which is vitality directed toward collectivist goals, as is obvious from her exploitation of a poor child.

LA writes:

The blogger Stag Heath has picked up on the Cindy McCain story, and points out that “No H8” stands for “no hate.” Cute. So the woman that 50 million Republicans tried to put in the White House thinks that all people who oppose homosexual marriage do so out of “hate.”

Which, I repeat, was the same kind of charge that Vice President Cheney refused to reply to when John Edwards made at the 2004 vice presidential debate.

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