Muslims rampaging against whites in Australia

The Lebanese, Mideastern, Muslim violence has spread in Australia. Instead of striking back only at the young white beachgoers who rioted in Cronulla on Sunday, Muslims are attacking whites generally throughout the Sydney area. Joel LeFevre, editor of the Citizens Informer, has written an update on the riots that will be published in a forthcoming issue of that paper. It reads in part:

Two days later the violence had escalated, even as police launched a large-scale operation to put it down. Up to 70 cars full of Mohammedans from nearby suburbs were reported moving through the city for revenge attacks. Rampaging Mohammedan gangs moved through Cronulla firing guns into the air, smashing car windows, smashing shop fronts, and randomly attacking patrons at local restaurants, and on the streets. Many retreated to their homes. A government bus was attacked, and a school performing Christmas carols was fired upon.

Aussie women were especially targeted, one woman was reportedly assaulted by a Middle Eastern man who forced his way into her car and threatened, “We are going to rape you, you Aussie sluts.” One woman was stabbed.

Another group of 600 Mohammedans assembled outside a local mosque armed with guns and crowbars, in anticipation of further revenge attacks. Some in this group openly brandished firearms to reporters. (We note that in 1996, Australia enacted a far-reaching and very Draconian gun ban, accompanied by a massive confiscation campaign.)

Police also found 30 Molotov cocktails and crates of rocks on rooftops during searches.

As we go to press, there are threats of further violence on Sunday, December 18, from both sides.

The mainstream media, as expected, are working overtime to place the onus of guilt on whites, while trying hard to appear sympathetic to the Middle Easterners to the extent of rationalizing their behavior with the usual shibboleths.

But something significant has happened in Australia. For the first time since the Third World invasion began, thousands of whites gathered together, as a self-identifying group of co-nationals, and stood up for themselves and their civilization, as it becomes more and more clear that an increasingly dangerous situation is developing in their country.

The response has taken some low forms, but as Lawrence Auster wrote at his blog View From the Right: “It didn’t have to happen this way. The nations of the West could have chosen, by the normal political operations of free peoples, not to open their borders to millions of unassimilable aliens. But the West rejected the non-violent path to safety—and the streets of blood, to paraphrase Enoch Powell, became inevitable…. How do we expect ordinary people to react, when the authorities of the white West keep turning our countries over to cultural aliens who do not belong among us, who do not like us, and whose large-scale presence among us can only lead to endless troubles and ruin, for which we, the whites, are always blamed? Enough!”

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