Lesbian “mothers”

Some conservatives may think that there are at least some positive things to be said about a homosexual couple adopting or otherwise artificially spawning a child and raising it. Not Laura Wood. She writes at The Thinking Housewife:

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon poses here with the newborn baby of her lover, Christine Marinoni. The Daily Mail refers to the baby, who was born last week, as the couple’s son, expecting readers to swallow nonsense whole and slide down the rabbit hole of artificially-created insanity without raising the slightest objection or cry for help.

Nixon, who plays an emotionally sterile wife in the Sex and the City movie, says, “I’m just a woman in love with another woman.”

Despite her madonna-like pose in this photograph, Nixon is a typical anti-mother of our times, a person who has violated the most basic terms of motherhood.

Homosexual “parents” are similar to the Baba Yagas of ancient fairy tales who stalked children in the woods. They may not have pointy noses or broomsticks. They may not live in tiny cabins surrounded by fences made of human bones. But they are just as hostile to the young, snatching away their innocence and security, stealing them from their tiny cradles. Deliberately to deprive a child of a father, to arrange his conception the way one might arrange a major purchase, to raise him in a home without a man, cut off from half his kin and exposed to the shame of having two “mothers,” is nothing less than child abuse.

What has happened to the hearts of lesbians? They are shriveled and turned to stone.

[end of Wood entry]

Bottom line: when homosexual couples adopt or otherwise artificially spawn children and raise them, they are not (contra the claims of liberals and many deluded conservatives) joining with normality and thus strengthening society; they are constructing a perverted simulacrum of normality, a homosexual Potemkin Village of normality, and thus radically weakening society at its core.
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