Liberal Republican moneyman who pushed through homosexual “marriage” on NY State is top Romney funder and supporter

Kathlene M. writes:

Romney’s top donor and fundraising bundler is Paul Singer, the man who helped foist gay “marriage” on New York [see this and this]. Singer is also reported to be quite an attack dog. He finances reporters who use smears to attack opponents. This would explain the new viciousness behind Romney’s campaign.

Even though Romney signed the National Organization for Marriage pledge to protect traditional marriage, if he becomes President with Singer’s financial help, he will likely be working to undermine traditional marriage in other ways. I can’t get excited about Romney if he becomes the nominee, especially knowing that he’s supported by Paul Singer and other social liberals (i.e., people from the Guiliani and McCain networks).

From Politico:

Romney’s fundraising has been spearheaded over the last year by a group of high-powered donors, led by Jets owner Woody Johnson, financiers John Paulson and Lewis Eisenberg, Wayne Berman, and others, as Romney’s sought to pick up pieces of the Giuliani and John McCain networks from 2007.

But Singer is among a relatively small number of bundlers who aggressively tap their lists for a candidate. He’s become known as a “fundraising terrorist” for his focus and arm-twisting. And he serves as something of a signal for other donors as to who they should support.

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