America’s police forces—allies of the liberal media

Doug H. writes:

This morning I was watching some local news coverage out of Mobile. They were interviewing the police in charge of arresting one of the men responsible for beating the white man in Mobile. The policeman told the reporter this was in no way tied to Trayvon because these men had an ongoing dispute for the past three years. My first thought was, what about the other 19 people involved and talk of them saying it was for Trayvon. This was a white policeman who stated it wasn’t Trayvon related. I might buy his argument that it wasn’t Trayvon alone that brought about this horrible beating, but it was without a doubt the intensity was racially motivated.

On Tuesday, I watched the afternoon news reports out of Mobile and Pensacola. There wasn’t a single thing said about the Mobile beating. But they both ran segments on discrimination. The first was a story on hate crime notes against minorities on the UWF campus in Pensacola. The other was a report out of Mobile that a company had been accused of discrimination against blacks.

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Brandon F. writes:

I don’t want to sound the least bit like I don’t think the Trayvon myth could have contributed in some way to the horrible beating of that man in Mobile or that the beating was in any way deserved. I saw the interview with the policeman and he seemed respectable and believable. I hardly think that man is in any way an “ally of the liberal media.” As I said he seemed believable and he also has a responsibility to speak emphatically about it so that what was likely already a pre-Trayvon environment of racial tension doesn’t turn into more violence.

Who knows if it is true but I saw a video of an irate, rude black woman who interrupted a news reporter recording on the scene of the beating. She claimed the man was calling the kids “little niggers” as if she was justifying his lynching which is of course pathetic. Her stupidity does not mean he didn’t do that and there is no way to know how long and how much tension was there no matter who was the primary agitator(s).

No matter what happened this was a brutal attack by a gang of blacks which as we know happens every day in America. It should be characterized that way. Are tensions up with everyone due to the Trayvon myth? Yes. All this to say, again, that I think it is not fair to label that policeman as an ally of the liberal media.

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