What moral will people take from the DSK event?

Sophia A. writes:

You wrote:”The story also says that according to the chambermaid’s attorney, she was subletting the HIV designated apartment where she was living and does not have HIV.”

It was probably an illegal sublet, which is rampant in NYC. So here we have another layer of horror: apartments set aside for carriers of a disease, which are now commodities to be sold in an underground market.

I have also read that the woman, who is from Guinea, is here on an asylum visa. Has this visa run out?

She is a Muslim. Her name was released to the French press. Will this cause unrest amongst the French Muslim underclass (rich, connected French Jewish bigwig rapes Muslim woman)?

Mind you, my sympathies are with the woman. I believe her story, or rather, her account of the events. DSK strikes me as the very epitome of the entitled, debauched, utterly amoral Frenchman so beloved of the elites. But I fear that the only “moral” some people will take from this is what has been bequeathed to us from a generation of political destruction of right and wrong. Of law and morality. Of decency and respect.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 18, 2011 08:45 PM | Send

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