Triple Gatesgate

Former Bush and currently Obama Secretary of Defense Robert Gates—supports open admission of homosexuals into the armed forces.

Software Croesus Bill Gates—has a billion dollar scholarship fund that explicitly excludes whites.

Harvard Black Studies Professor Henry Louis Gates—last heard from when hysterically calling a white police officer a racist for investigating a reported burglary. And now …

Karl D. writes:

It appears Henry Louis Gates has a show ready to air on PBS called “Faces of America” which seems to be a deconstruction of whiteness in America through the guise of DNA. We learn for example how mulatto woman Elizabeth Alexander can trace her DNA back to Charlemagne. See? There is no such thing as being truly white or European or anything else for that matter. All cultures are null and void and belong to everyone everywhere.

LA replies:

Well, let’s see the show first and see if that’s what it’s saying. After all, there’s nothing inherently mischievous in showing the white ancestry of a woman … of white ancestry.

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Mark, a college teacher in philosophy, writes:

Re: “Software Croesus Bill Gates”

When I teach Ancient Greek Civilization I can never resist commenting indirectly on the many inadequacies of our nation’s cultural and educational institutions by saying such things as, “Once upon a time, when people were educated, everyone knew the expression ‘Rich as Croesus.’ I suppose you have never even heard the name.”

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