The SEALs did their job; the administration bungled (or sabotaged?) its job

A friend, steaming angry, said to me this afternoon, What’s going on with the administration’s changing versions of the shoot-out at Osama bin Laden’s compound? First they said that bin Laden fired shots and used one of his wives as a shield, and that the SEALs then shot both Osama and the woman (sort of like what Glenn Ford does during the stagecoach hold-up in the 1957 movie 3:10 to Yuma). And now they’re saying that that didn’t happen! How can the government not have the story down in all its details before they released it publicly? Did Osama shoot or not? Are they trying to make Osama look less heroic because he didn’t shoot, or are they trying to make America look wicked because it killed a man who wasn’t resisting arrest?

I said in reply, We’ve got to remember, the people running our government are leftists. Even when they are leading the country in a military action, their automatic instinct is to find ways to make America look bad.

Michelle Malkin discusses the administration’s alteration of its story, but she doesn’t offer any thoughts about how to understand it.

Notice, in the news article quoted by Malkin, how many anonymous administration officials each gave the press his own version of the events in the compound. There is the beginning of the problem. There should have been one designated person with complete, authoritative knowledge of the firefight, and only he would speak to the press about it so as to avoid any contradictions.

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